A lot has been said in 140 characters. From “Four more years” to ice on Mars, Twitter has been used to connect us to the people and events we care about.

It’s no secret that we love Twitter here at LeadSift. We’ve developed our Audience Intent Miner to dig into the multitudes of emotional, informational and supremely complex tweets sent every day by people around the world, in order to help businesses understand their Twitter audience and connect more meaningfully to them. Our days and nights are spent dreaming in tweets, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We love Twitter because with over 500 million tweets sent per day, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a consumer looking for the best fashion-forward brands or a fashion brand on the lookout for influential fashionistas to wear your clothes, you can find what you’re looking for on Twitter.

We love Twitter because it provides us a real-time window into the pulse of the world. It is a global network that fosters everything from political and economic debate to daily deals at the store down the street. In an instant, news can travel around the world and end up in your pocket.

We love Twitter because it is a community-powered platform. The people make it what it is. The power of community is no more obvious than in the invention of the hashtag: not something created by the Twitter development team, but an organic invention made by a creative group of early users.

And (because we wouldn’t be a team of data-driven creators if we didn’t), we love Twitter because of the insights it offers to brands, marketers, organizations and decision-makers. Twitter’s data – which, when analyzed, can shed light on consumer interests, affinities, intent and more – is powerful.

Businesses that harness Twitter are in a unique position to develop genuine connections with their customers and engage them in the issues that they care about most. They can learn about their customers and apply this learning to all aspects of their business: content creation, brand positioning, engagement strategy, customer service, and sales.

Ultimately, it is this potential for deep connection that is why we love Twitter – and why we think you should too. By using Twitter to its full potential, businesses can become more than just a passing 140-character message in a stream of tweets. They can become an integral, relevant, connected part of their customers’ stories.