It is becoming increasingly difficult to create meaningful sales outreach that actually converts not just to meetings but also to customers. LeadSift’s CEO and Co-founder Tukan Das invited Blake Johnston of OutboundView to join us for a Live YouTube Masterclass on buyer movement and different dynamic signals that salespeople can use for prospecting.

OutboundView helps organizations design, develop, and implement successful outbound sales strategies with the majority of their work focusing on outsourced sales development; opening doors, and appointment setting for their clients via calls, email, and LinkedIn.

Buyer movement (sometimes known as Champion Tracking) has given OutboundView the all-important edge so, in this article, we explore what buyer movement actually is and its value in your business.

What is buyer movement?

Tracking Executives that move between your existing client companies and other, non-client companies and focusing prospecting activities on connecting with them because of that connection.

Often the moves of buyers and champions take them from an existing client of yours to a new company where they can buy from you again. That switch can result in the very best type of lead – inbound leads from champions who come back to you having worked with you whilst with a previous employer.

But that isn’t the only opportunity offered by executives moving employers; buyer movement offers a step up from a normal cold lead (‘right company, right job title’). With buyer movement, you have a different trigger which is their connection with their previous employer. This is so much better than ‘right company, right job title’ because it enables you to start a conversation with:

“Hey, we used to work together while you were at a previous employer and now you’re in a similar position at a new employer, should we start a conversation about whether it makes sense for us to work together there?”

This is a conversation starter that beats cold outreach hands down.

And…its application is wider than you might think.

This approach isn’t one that exclusively works with former buyers or champions – you can do the same outreach with other Executives who have moved from a company that you currently work with to a new company too.  In fact, they don’t even need to have pre-existing knowledge of your product/service!

Why? Because the connection within their previous employer is the thing that starts the conversation. And, of course, getting that conversation is the biggest battle in outbound sales. Then, as the conversation continues, they will know where to go to vet their previous employer’s opinion of your company.

Key takeaways:

  • Prospects that already know your company or product may become inbound sales or very warm leads in a buyer movement campaign
  • But, prospects don’t need to know your company or product, having a connection with their previous company is enough
  • Mentioning their previous employer is the thing that starts the conversation – it gets past the trust issue and allows you to move quickly on to asking for the meeting

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