140 characters and over 500 million tweets sent per day. So what do Twitter users talk about most? Cat videos? Disneyland? Breakfast? Among the plethora of conversations happening, these are the top 10 things Twitter users love, hate, need and want.

Twitter users are an emotional group, and they aren’t shy about their preferences. We explored thousands of tweets that included the words “love”, “hate”, “want” and “need” and captured the top 10 around each.

When it comes to love, Twitter has the strongest positive feelings towards God, Twitter itself, America and terms of endearment like “baby girl”. Interestingly, in addition to America, three other US cities/states made their way onto the love list: New York, Florida and California. The remainder of the list is rounded out with celebrities, including Tyler White, Rihanna and Ellen.

At the polar opposite end of the spectrum is what Twitter users hate. Topping the list is life itself, followed by the equally all-encompassing “everyone”. Both school and work also make it onto the list, and judging by number 10, Twitter users often have a case of the Mondays – and they hate it. Other things that Twitter users hate? Their phones, the rain, liars, hair and yes, even new emojis.

Despite the fact that Twitter users apparently sometimes hate everyone, “someone” is what they want most – and since “to cry” and “to love” were also on the want list, we get the sense that Twitter users crave connection. The majority of the want list, though, is food, ranging from ice cream to pizza to Chipotle to Starbucks. And, as the frigid winter becomes a thing of the past, Twitter users aren’t shy about wanting “summer”.

Lastly, what do Twitter users need? Food tops the list, followed by new people and friends. Sleep is also something that Tweeters need more of, as is God, a new phone or job, plans for the weekend, money, and that never-ending source of entertainment, Netflix.

Take a look at the infographic below to see what Twitter users love, hate, want and need most: