Vidyard is always looking for new and innovative ways to bring leads into their sales and marketing pipeline, from traditional sources like trade shows and paid media to inbound content.

While these activities do bring in a good amount of quality leads, some are time consuming and not scalable. Content-based lead generation in particular was a problem: Vidyard’s Marketing Manager, Jon Spenceley, was spending three to four hours a week manually scouting for signals on blogs and social channels to see if people were engaging with their competitors or industry content.


“The tediousness, significant time commitment, and lack of scalability meant that this type of lead generation often got pushed to the back burner,”



In their efforts to expand their pipeline, Vidyard turned to LeadSift. Building on the methodology already in place at Vidyard, LeadSift deployed an automated system that discovers leads that have engaged with industry or competitor content and then forwards those directly to the sales and marketing team.

Each qualified lead is associated with their social media accounts, enabling the team to engage prospects across different channels without having to spend valuable time searching for contact information. The leads are also integrated into Vidyard’s marketing automation system, which makes them easy to sort, access and follow-up on.



Within just a few short weeks of using LeadSift, Vidyard has already booked several sales meetings and created significantly large sales opportunities. Plus, Spenceley now has more time to think strategically and
focus on big picture items.


“LeadSift has made obtaining new marketing qualified leads exceptionally easy,” says Spenceley. “My time has been freed up, and we can now scale our outbound efforts as we grow.”


LeadSift provides Vidyard with 70 percent net new accounts, with the other 30 percent being older leads that had gone cold, now reintroduced into the buying journey. This is an interesting development for Vidyard, as they can see which leads, previously in their pipeline, are sending signals for them to reengage. These, along with new leads, can be warmed up via social selling and outreach campaigns to ultimately create more customers.


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About Vidyard

Smart marketers know that people want video. Everyone craves it, relates to it, and most importantly, presses play. But smart marketers also know that you need more than just eyeballs on your content. That’s where Vidyard, the Video Platform for Business, comes in. Simply put, Vidyard gives you the power to create better, stronger business results, like more (and better!) leads, more pipeline, and more customers.

Here’s how:

  • Generate more leads: Video isn’t just for brand awareness anymore. Use calls-to-action and other video events to identify exactly who is interacting with your content. Identify the highest-quality leads, faster. Enhance lead-scoring, segmentation and more by getting video engagement data about each individual viewer in your current marketing automation platform.
  • Close more deals: Video engagement data about each viewer is priceless. Or is it? Your sales team can turn your insight-full data into dollars and cents that have a real impact on your business.

About LeadSift

LeadSift identifies B2B prospects based on intent signals, qualifies them, and delivers them to your inbox. Whenever a prospect engages with your competitor’s content, or content published within your industry, LeadSift will discover and deliver them directly to you – complete with verified and accurate company and contact info.