A New Year means new goals. With the rate of technology adoption, what worked last year is not guaranteed to work again. It’s essential to stay open minded to opportunities to help dominate your 2020 goals to keep pushing your business forward.

Intent Data is taking sales and marketing teams to new levels. We are here to show you how you can utilize intent data to kickstart your New Year and knock your goals out of the park.

Before We Dive In 

The average B2B buyer is usually 67% through their customer journey when they get in contact with a salesperson. So by the time they slide into your lead form requesting more information, they have likely already formed a strong opinion of what they need. Meaning your competitors may already be out to an early lead, and your sales team has that much more work to do before they can convert them into buying customers. 

If you could find those leads sooner, you could potentially win that lead before the buyer even approaches your competitor. You don’t need your sales team to sit idle and wait. They can get in contact with those buyers earlier in the buying journey by leveraging the power of intent data.  

With Intent Data, you can acquire leads earlier in their buying journey than you would by using more conventional strategies. So rather than re-actively engaging with buyers once they have identified the solutions they want to evaluate, you can enable your sales team to be proactive. You can help position your company as the best fit to help them solve their pressing need.  

What Is Intent Data and Why Does It Matter?

So, what is Intent Data? We have another post that explains it in more detail, but we have broken down the basics for you here.

Intent Data represents all of the data gathered on someone’s publicly available web behavior that is used to gain insight into what they want and need. It provides you with information about buyers, including the likelihood that lead will purchase your product or service.

Knowing that Intent Data provides you with rich information about leads and their priorities, you can see that it is one of the best ways to find high-quality leads that have high chances of converting to being one of your customers. 

With only 25% of B2B companies have previously used Intent Data and 35% planning to use it, there is still a massive competitive advantage available to the early adopters. As with all good things, this competitive advantage won’t last forever. Intent Data will become more popular with this year’s marketing trends; the numbers will only increase, which in turn provides you with the opportunity of getting ahead of your competitors.

How to Use Intent Data to Get More Qualified Leads

Focus on Leads Who Engaged with Competitors.

One of the benefits of using Intent Data is that we can find leads who are researching your industry and use that information to predict where they are in the buyer journey. We analyze data like the competitors they are researching but also includes when they are engaging with your competitors’ sales teams or their content, looking at industry events, and more.

By knowing when your potential leads are actively searching for what you offer, you gain the advantage of being able to reach out to them at the right time. In turn, you can nurture those leads to become your customers and beating out your competitors.

You can hypothetically task a team of researchers to go out and find some of this information manually. But that is time-consuming and costly. Or you can look at an intelligence system such as LeadSift. By using our software, we can help you automate the process of identifying leads showing intent. 

Gaining Leads Through LinkedIn

Social media has become a popular platform for advertising. And if you are looking to step up your game on LinkedIn or Facebook, Intent Data can do just that. LinkedIn already has Matched Audience Targeting options that help marketers target their ideal audience; the shortcoming is that these audiences are built only from their platforms. With the help of Intent Data, you can take your targeting to the next level.

By creating audiences from across the web, you are aggregating the most relevant leads that have been engaging with your industry topics and competitors. You’re bringing them into your funnel to help redirect their attention towards your brand and solution. 

Key Takeaways

  • With Intent Data, you are more likely to increase the number of quality and quantity of leads in your funnel. 
  • Intent Data will help you learn more about leads in the earlier stages of the customer journey or buying cycle.
  • Intent Data is continuously updated. This means you will be able to keep reaching out to potential leads at the right time.


If you are ready to begin increasing your qualified leads with LeadSift’s Intent Data, you can get started by receiving a free report that includes account insights to see how it works.