There are a number of challenges facing marketers today as they continue to embark in new arenas, do new things in existing arenas and then make sense of how it all drove better business results or impacted the bottom line. By now everyone has seen the incredibly overwhelming marketing technology landscape – so big it’s gone beyond an infographic to a supergraphic.

Regardless of the number of tools or perhaps because of the sheer number, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get that single view of the customer – where they are, what they are doing and what they are consuming across all channels – marketers strive for.

And then there is the challenge of keeping pace with customers and their feverish adoption of new apps and platforms. This week, eMarketer has released new projections estimating that the number of companies using Instagram will nearly double next year. Not only is it a key platform for brands but by default a key source of data as well.

If you think about it, consumers exhibit different behaviours on different platforms and the consumption patterns differ as well. Twitter is an information network where conversations and engagement happens. That intriguing 140-character soundbite, link, with perhaps an image is not like the photo dominating Instagram but it’s imperative for marketers to tap into this platform for insights all the same. Because what your consumer does on Twitter, could and may differ from what they do on Instagram. By default there is data that is unique to each of them but by combining both as a marketer you will have a much more well rounded view of who that person is and why they behave in the manner they do.

In our pursuit of providing that single view of the customer and based on our extensive work mining Twitter, we are consolidating the public data from two of the largest, popular social channels. Using our industry-leading match capabilities, we match an Instagram user to their presence across other social public networks to give you twice the power you need to drive growth and differentiate your product with the richest level of customer insights available. Along with the data unique to Instagram, we also have Brand Affinity information for drinks, hotels, banks, celebrities, sports teams, sports figures and much more.  

Imagine these rich insights in your own platform – with our Consumer Insights API it’s possible with minimal time, resource and financial investment. Discover how our customers are using the Consumer Insights API for breakthrough innovations or start a conversation about how it can differentiate your product.