Everyone has heard the complaints about Twitter and how it’s a time-suck filled with meaningless chatter and pictures of coffee and cats. Some people claim that Twitter is simply a website filled with angry customers who want to drag your company’s brand through the mud and damage your reputation. In reality however, Twitter presents organizations who understand it a chance to truly excel.

Twitter is a great tool to integrate into your sales strategy. Whether you’re working in B2B or B2C, Twitter presents a great chance to identify and close leads. Here are three easy ways you can turn tweets into sales:

Drive People to Your Content

With twitter, you can set up an account and start building a network way faster than setting up a website. For that reason I always recommend starting up a Twitter account as soon as possible and start building an engaged list of followers and network.

Once you’ve established this network you have the opportunity to start driving them to channels that are more successful in closing deals. The key is to have a blend of tweets that consist of everything from personal interests to content specifically about your business. Mixing your content up will allow you to insert a link that drives to content that is also used for lead generation. Whether it’s a call to action requesting an email or a call to action driving readers directly to a sale; it’s a clear opportunity to succeed.

Find People with a Purchase Intent

Twitter makes it easy to find people with similar interest as you. With the right tools and right understanding of how the channel works it’s also easy to identify who’s looking to purchase a certain product.

Using Twitter’s advanced search form you can search for keywords related to your company or target market on those searches. For example you can search for tweets being sent near a specific location or  tweets that only include questions. You could even do searches for people who are saying negative things about your competition and use that to your advantage in the sales process.

To access Twitter’s advanced search form simply go to:


Advanced Twitter Search
Build Ongoing Relationships

Twitter is a place where relevant conversations are happening every minute.

Because of the real-time nature of Twitter, it’s a great place for sales professionals to build authentic relationships with people before needing to make a sale. When following people of interest on Twitter, you have an opportunity to keep close track of their tweets and scan for any potential opportunities of engagement. These engagements don’t have to be about your product, they can be light and related to actual interests or top of mind topics or ideas.

Twitter is a great channel to develop relationships with reporters, bloggers, and other media professionals as well. Reporters and bloggers are incredibly valuable to be a part of your networks on social networks, especially when trying to spark media for your product or services. Developing relationships with them is the icing on the cake to the relationships you develop with the general public.


If you’re on Twitter already you can probably remember your first tweet…I think we all can. But it’s a lot more difficult to remember the next and the next. What’s important for you to succeed on Twitter is to ensure that you make every tweet count. Recognize that every tweet is you putting your story in front of an audience and potential customers.

And don’t waste your time using Twitter to push your sales message on people who don’t want it, as soon as you do that you will fail. If you’re tweeting content to relevant leads who would actually benefit from your product or service; well done. That’s how you use Twitter and turn your tweets into sales.

What techniques do you use to identify and close sales on Twitter?