Twitter is an effective place to find sales leads, build relationships with prospective customers and close deals. So effective that we wrote an ebook about how you can close deals using Twitter (shameless plug). We believe that Twitter is not only an effective tool to leverage brand awareness but also build meaningful relationships with potential leads and customers.

Companies typically start by developing a plan, choosing the right social platform, creating and launching a brand presence, integrating social media tools with business goals and then pushing out their content. However, with only 140 characters to share and a feed that updates in minutes, it can be challenging to find your voice and establish credibility on Twitter.

The trust factor is the most important piece to the Twitter puzzle. Your followers will be more likely to engage with your content and respond to your calls to action if they believe you and if they trust you.

Here’s five ways to establish trust on Twitter:

1. Be personal
Twitter users want to follow brands that they identify with. Use a profile picture that represents your company accurately but at the same time isn’t too formal. Don’t hide behind the egg and consider putting an actual face to the brand. Don’t be afraid to disclose the person behind the tweets or identify the employees that are tweeting on behalf of the company.  Also make sure to update your profile with relevant information about your brand and the content you will be tweeting about. Keep your tweets conversational and insert some personality.

2. Tweet what you know
Tweet your company’s expertise. Your followers will appreciate the exclusive content you can offer on Twitter and it will make you stand out as a reliable expert and source of information.

3. Tweet regularly
Keep your followers engaged and aware of your company’s activities. Remain consistent and tweet regularly. Don’t forget about current affairs and news items. This can be easy content and will show your followers that you are engaged and interested in subjects that are of interest to them.

4. Show your support
People tend to trust and engage more with tweets that have been retweeted or mentioned by their friends, brands, organizations, and other accounts they follow. The more engagement your brand generates the more recognition and trust you’ll derive from others.

5. Content counts
Share interesting content about your company as well as content that isn’t directly related to your product or service. In order to build a trustworthy relationship with your followers you should offer content that adds value to them and aligns with their interests, even if it’s not about you. This will help demonstrate that you care about the relationship you’re building and you have valuable content that doesn’t directly impact your bottom line.