Halloween is upon us, and it’s a good time to scare up some great content –especially if yours has gone a little stale. Here are our tips for creating a content strategy that will leave your audience screaming for more.

Go bite-sized

Not all content has to take weeks to produce, get approval, publish and distribute, especially on social media.

Bite-sized content, like tweets, short-and-sweet posts to your Facebook page or off-the-cuff photos of your team on Instagram can be just as effective as an ebook or blog post.

Each piece of content you create can lead to a larger following, more reach and exposure, and more opportunities to create leads, so producing frequent, short-form content is a great addition to your strategy. But remember: everything in moderation. You wouldn’t want to fill up on only bite-sized snacks – you need to incorporate the full-size content for a well-rounded haul.

Be sweet

As much as getting a bag of chips in your trick-or-treating is not something you’d turn your nose up at, it’s the candy that takes center-stage on Halloween.

On social media, consider being sweeter in your approach to content. Give useful tips, rather than trying to sell your product. Offer free content, instead of paid. Being sweet means thinking about what your audience values, and giving that to them, no strings attached.

Go door-to-door

Halloween is all about going door-to-door to get treats from the neighbors. So why not do the same thing with your content?

Ask your followers, fans and connections what type of content they like to engage with most. What topics do they find interesting? What is something that frustrates them? Excites them? Do they like videos or blog posts better?

Aside from outright asking your audience what they want to see from you, you can also dig into past data to see which pieces of content they’ve engaged with the most. Learning about their behaviors can teach you what works, and what doesn’t – just like learning about that one house that gives out full-sized candy bars and avoiding the one that sneaks raisins into your bag.

Don’t be afraid of ghostly ideas

We’ve all had a ghost of an idea that we’ve abandoned in the past. Maybe it was a headline that never made it into a full blog post. Or a half-finished graphic that never found a home.

Now is a great time to revisit these content ideas with unfinished business, to give them the closure they need. You may decide that it was a good choice to abandon them, but some might stand a ghost of a chance of being resurrected – even if they take a different form when they eventually do see the light of day. You’d be surprised at what you’ve got hiding in the attic – or in the back of the content calendar – that could do with a little dusting off.

These are our tips for creating scary good content – do you have any spook-tacular tips of your own to share?