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About Treasure Data

The Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) empowers enterprises by delivering rich insights that drive outstanding customer experiences. Built on a strong data management foundation, its CDP enables brands to securely unify customer data across silos at scale so they can better identify, engage, and acquire customers. The highly configurable platform boasts a comprehensive connector network that evolves with your existing technology stack to future-proof all customer data initiatives.

The Problem

Treasure Data has a number of tools in place to give its marketing and sales teams access to account-level data, but it wanted deeper insights into the contacts within those accounts. Despite a comprehensive marketing approach that leverages key channels, content, virtual events, and webinars, Treasure Data’s marketers felt they may be missing out on in-market leads that aren’t aware of the Treasure Data brand. 

Without deeper insights into the specific account contacts actively looking for a solution, there was untapped growth potential. They wanted access to contact-level intent data so their sales team could be equipped with more actionable, meaningful data for prospecting that not only included the contact information but details into their intent signals and engagements.

“Prior to LeadSift, we didn’t have access to contact-level intent-based data. Our sales teams leveraged our lead rating system and other tools that all relied on first-party or account-level data,”

Karen Mason, Director of Marketing Operations at Treasure Data

The Solution

Using LeadSift, Treasure Data marketers activate contact-level intent data to not only identify which contact at a company is in-market, but also to gain all the information necessary to personalize, target, and prioritize accounts based on buying intent signals. They use the LeadSift user interface to configure their campaigns, which helps them get clear and complete data that is up to date with Treasure Data’s latest offerings and developments. 

The Treasure Data team activates its LeadSift data by building custom ad audiences for retargeting through ad platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. The goal is to have the leads re-engage and become MQLs. 

LeadSift data allows Treasure Data to know when someone is actively in-market, as well as what exactly they’re engaging with. This data is used in tandem with behavioral and demographic data for prioritizing leads and accounts as part of the sales process. This way the Treasure Data sales team knows they’re reaching out to the warmest prospects first. 

The Results

“Many companies provide account-based intent data but only LeadSift provides person-level data,” says Mason. 

Thirty-five percent of Treasure Data’s LeadSift leads convert to MQLs. This is higher than other lead sources the marketing and sales teams use. With contact-level data, the teams are able to focus their marketing efforts and budget on people—specifically decision-makers—already actively searching for a CDP, and they don’t need to worry about missing in-market leads. 

“LeadSift provides exceptional value and they are always adding features to deliver even more value. Their customer service is exceptional,”

Karen Mason, Director of Marketing Operations, Treasure Data

Start getting deeper, contact-level insights into your most relevant accounts.