The world of SaaS is changing every single day. What worked yesterday, doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work today. Also, the rising cost of digital media is really causing SaaS companies to have to get creative when it comes to their sales and marketing strategies. 

We set out to ask some of the top experts what their thoughts were. 

Below is what they came up with!

#1 – Zakiyah Toor of IsItWp

“In 2020, more SaaS companies will be implementing a mobile-first approach in their marketing strategies. Mobile optimization is crucial for any strategy and for any business since most people own a smartphone. Customers use their mobile devices to do pretty much everything, and SaaS companies are no different. Improving mobile apps and using mobile-first practices are key elements coming up in 2020.”


#2 – Gaurav Sharma of SaaS Labs and JustCall.io

“Chatbots will continue to grow and become the leading mode of inbound lead generation. SMS & WhatsApp bots will start to disrupt some specific industries like real estate, insurance, and retail.”


#3 – Jacek Wieczorek of Pulno

“There will be an increasing importance of consistency and arrangement of data. Machine learning for SaaS products and for marketing will be the key to the success for the companies willing to pay for it.”


#4 – Yaniv Masjedi of Nextiva

“Sales teams are also getting much more adept and using video, and that’s only going to continue in 2020. It’s not enough to just send emails and make phone calls anymore. The best salespeople are using their phones to create and send individualized videos to customers and prospects—and they’re winning deals as a result.”


#5 – Geoff Hoesch of Dragonfly Digital Marketing

“What’s really going to be effective as a SaaS marketing strategy in 2020 is leveraging review sites for your own marketing efforts. That means building out profiles, seeking out reviews, and potentially spending for advertising on one or all of these review websites.”


#6 – Jack Kosakowski of Creation Agency

“SaaS companies are going to have to leverage B2B micro-influencers in their space more in 2020. This means having collaborative webinars with industry analysts and getting content created on other blog content created on niche sites where their buyers live. This is the way B2B companies are going to grow their email list and create new opportunities in heavily competitive industries.”

Key Takeaways

After hearing the response from the top SaaS experts, they gave us insight on:

  • Implementing a mobile-first strategy
  • Using chatbots for increasing your inbound leads
  • Machine learning for SaaS products as our future
  • Personalization by using video
  • Leveraging review sites for marketing efforts
  • Collaborating with B2B micro-influencers


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