How do you learn about the latest tips, tricks and tools in marketing? Sure, you could sift through blog posts and whitepapers, but when you’re short on time (and when aren’t we short on time!), one of the best places to turn is Twitter.

In just 140 characters, the top marketing Twitter accounts share their wisdom with the world. You can browse the streams of some of the best minds in marketing, quickly scanning for content that will help you get that edge.

In no particular order here are 25 of the most influential marketing Twitter accounts for your tweeting pleasure:


Hootsuite (@HootSuite)

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and they didn’t get to that position by chance. Their Twitter account is chock-full of valuable resources and best practices in social media marketing.


Jeff Bullas (@JeffBullas)

Jeff Bullas is one of social media’s heavy hitters. He has been voted the #1 content marketing influencer in the world, and his network – which includes a globally recognized business blog – is impressive. Everything he tweets is pure marketing gold.


Social Media Examiner (@SMExaminer)

As one of the first, and largest, publications focused on sharing strategies for better social media marketing, Social Media Examiner is a trail-blazer – and their Twitter account mirrors their commitment to current, quality content.


Kimberly Reynolds (@KimReynolds)
From inbound marketing to social selling, Kimberly Reynolds shares knowledge that she finds across the web (and on the blog that she manages, Social Media Examiner) with her Twitter followers.


Jay Baer (@JayBaer)

In his bio, Jay Baer mentions that he is “the most re-tweeted person in the world among digital marketers” – and that’s not bragging! Jay’s tweets are constantly shared and engaged with, and his experience as a hugely successful marketing author and consultant is clear in everything he tweets.


Kim Garst (@KimGarst)

Kim Garst is ranked as one of the top 10 social media influencers on Forbes, and for good reason: she shares the latest tips for better Facebook ads, how to engage on Periscope, and generally growing your business using social media.


Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut)

Another Forbes top 10 social media influencer on our list, Pam Moore dubs herself the “social nut”. As a trainer, speaker, consultant and author, her expertise from all angles of marketing shine through, making her one to follow.


Buffer (@Buffer)

Nearly half a million people follow Buffer, so if the proof is in the numbers, look no further. Not only has this team built one of the most-loved social media scheduling tools, they also share cutting-edge marketing and productivity insights on Twitter.


Peter Shankman (@PeterShankman)

As an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, instructor, angel investor and adjunct professor, Peter Shankman is extremely knowledgeable on all things marketing, from startups to enterprice and everything in between.


Peg Fitzpatrick (@PegFitzpatrick)

Peg Fitzpatrick teaches, consults and writes about all things marketing, and following her tweets will provide insights into everything from podcasting to personal branding to Pinterest.


Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier)

Marsha Collier has authored 48 marketing and commerce books, is the founder of one of the most successful Twitter chats, and hosts a hugely popular marketing and tech podcast. With such a long list of accomplishments, it’s no wonder that her Twitter feed is always full of great marketing information.


Neal Schaffer (@NealShaffer)

The tweets that Neil Schaffer shares are almost always valuable to any marketers looking for the latest social media and marketing insights. His many years’ experience as a marketing speaker, consultant and author has given him a nose for valuable, cutting-edge content that he shares with his followers.


Brian Carter (@BrianCarter)

Brian Carter is an author, marketer and keynote speaker. His tweets include his own as well as others’ content, and each one contains fresh information about the latest in social media and digital marketing.


PostPlanner (@PostPlanner)

Aside from building a really cool Facebook marketing automation platform, PostPlanner also tweets about tools and tips that can help make your social media marketing life easier.


Rebekah Radice (@RebekahRadice)

As the co-founder of #influencerchat and brand advocate for PostPlanner, Rebekah Radice knows – and happily shares – all there is to know about social media marketing.


Content Marketing (@CMIContent)

While the Content Marketing Institute hosts some fantastic marketing conferences online, they also tweet useful and cutting-edge tips about all things content on their Twitter account.


Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi)

Joe Pulizzi is content marketing, and he’s the man to follow if you want the latest about blogging, inbound, or any other related field. As the counder of the Content Marketing Institute, he knows what he’s tweeting about when it comes to content marketing.


Mark Schaefer (@MarkWSchaefer)

Via his Grow blog, Mark Schaefer and his team share insights into building and growing a successful social presence – and you can get bite-sized insights by following his personal Twitter account.


Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee)

If you haven’t heard the name Gary Vaynerchuk before, you’re in for a treat – he was one of the first “viral” hits on social media, and he has built an empire using it. His Twitter insights come from first-hand experience, trial and error, and lots of great gut instincts.


Ted Rubin (@TedRubin)

Ted Rubin has been on so many “best of” lists when it comes to Twitter followers that it’s hard to keep track. Suffice to say, that if you’re looking for the latest about branding, marketing and relationship-building, Ted is the man to follow.


Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)

With 1.46 million followers, Guy Kawasaki is no slouch on Twitter (or off). His business acumen, authored books, keynote addresses and more have given him an uncommon level of marketing knowledge – knowledge that he is happy to tweet.


Bryan Kramer (@BryanKramer)

Bryan Kramer is a bestselling author, TED speaker, CEO and more. His marketing experience spans social media, customer relations, entrepreneurship and more.


Jason Falls (@JasonFalls)

Tweeting about PR, digital marketing and social media, Jason Falls never fails to deliver valuable knowledge about a variety of marketing topics in his tweets.


Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogan)

Another social media heavy-hitter, Chris Brogan has been experimenting with and growing his social presence for years. And all of that experimentation has resulted in a huge following, insightful tweets, and a wealth of information that he shares regularly.


Mitch Joel (@MitchJoel)

Mitch Joel uses all types of media to share his ideas, from podcasts to blogs to books, but one place where you can find it all is on Twitter. He regularly shares great marketing insights, and links to his other platforms, in his tweets.