With demands from executives, sales reps, customers and other stakeholders coming at them from all angles, it’s no wonder marketers face so many challenges in their day-to-day. Whether they have to deliver more, high quality leads or raise brand awareness among their target audience, many B2B marketers are facing the same challenges, regardless of the industry or their company size.

Over the course of several weeks, we spoke with 290 marketers about the hurdles and obstacles they have to overcome. And many of these challenges were similar across the board.

For instance, over a quarter of the marketers we spoke with said their number one concern was raising brand awareness and building out top of the sale funnel. They struggle to find ways to reach their target audience with their brand’s message, and bring them on as potential leads.

Creating new sales opportunities was also a top concern among B2B marketers. Of course, in order for these sales opportunities to become meaningful, that means that marketers must not only find channels and methods of delivering them, but they must also work with the sales team to help nurture them down the funnel.

Take a look at our infographic below for more of the top challenges that marketers are facing this year: