Cities all across North American are gearing up for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 2nd. Coincidentally (and a stroke of marketing genius) the official release date for the Avengers: Age of Ultron is today, May 1st.

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There is a Twitter handle dedicated to Free Comic Book Day and it boasts 44,000 followers. Even Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas Day don’t have their own handles. It turns out this Free Comic Book Day – referred to as FCBD by those in the know – is kind of a big deal.

And big deals for the superhero spectacular franchises because the attributes of the @Freecomicbookday followers reveal some interesting actionable insights. There are the obvious: they have 5x higher affinity towards comics (than all of the social consumer profiles indexed in the LeadSift database) and 4x towards arts and crafts, and books. And the somewhat surprising: married with kids and pets. Comics aren’t kid’s stuff anymore.


Comic book publishers and the related movie production companies could definitely find synergies with gaming companies – SEGA and Irrational Games are two – and fast food chains to reach this audience. Not to mention their love of Oreos – Cadbury take note!

Hot Topic is certainly onto something. Not only do they dress the masses for Free Comic Book Day, and other superhero related events, they offer great online discounts. They must know this audience is 3x more likely to shop online. Vans and United Bamboo happen to be popular with them too.

Here are a few more attributes uncovered in the LeadSift analysis:

FCBD Report Section

With a deeper understanding of the habits, trends, preferences and lifestyles of the @Freecomicbookday audience, brands like Dunkin’ Donuts and Pizza Hut could trigger hunger pangs during Saturday Night Live.

Attending FCBD tomorrow? What comic book will be added to your collection?