MarTech, or Marketing Technology, is a constantly growing and evolving landscape. In 2020 alone it grew by 13.6% to a total of 8,000 companies operating in the MarTech space (according to chiefmartec.com). Some major names on this list include Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Adobe, and literally 7,996 more. 

These tech-savvy marketing companies have tools behind them built to automate, manage, optimize, and convert. We took over 4,000 of the top companies in the MarTech landscape and enriched them with the tools behind the tech.

Knowing what technology a company is using – can massively help with the lead qualification and prioritization process. Couple this information with Buying Intent signals and you have a dataset that allows you to engage your buyers proactively while understanding their real needs! With the launch of our Technographics today – every LeadSift customer can now have this incredibly powerful information at their fingertips.”

Tukan Das, CEO, LeadSift

How Can B2B Companies Use Technographics?

  1. Meaningful sales and marketing personalization. When you can see what tools a prospect is using, or what tools are missing from their tool stack, you can better understand their workflow. This means your outreach and nurture messaging can be totally tailored to the prospect’s experience and needs, making the outreach more meaningful, personal, and valuable.
  2. More targeted ICP criteria. By understanding the tech installs a prospect or customer has, you can target prospects that specifically use tools that complement your solution. For example, if your product integrates beautifully with Salesforce, it would be helpful to be able to target your outreach specifically to those already using Salesforce.
  3. An edge on your competitors. With intent data backed by technographics, you can not only see when a prospect is engaging with a competitor, but you can potentially see if they already use a tool in your category. With this data, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  4. Reduced churn risk. Enriching your customer data with technographics and intent data and means you can see when a customer installs a new tool or engages with other options in the market. By identifying these pain points before a new tool is chosen, you can stay ahead of churn and often even identify expansion opportunities.

How do we know what tech they’re using?

We do things a bit differently. First, we mine company sites for javascript tags that indicate if they are using specific tools. But what makes LeadSift technographics different is that we also scan job postings for tools that wouldn’t show up in javascript tags. This allows us to have broader coverage of the tools used by any given company. We can search for tools like databases that wouldn’t be noticed by other technographics providers.

Why does this matter?

Seeing the tool stacks powering the world’s major marketing and tech companies helps fellow marketers in a few ways. Like providing insight into which tools MarTech giants are using in their workflows to make your own tech buying decisions, or see which MarTech companies use your competitors.

But leveraging your own leads with technographic data is even more powerful. Especially when backed with intent data, technographics enrichment allows you to:

  • Generate more qualified leads and create better personalization in your sales process
  • Reduce churn and improve customer retention by knowing when your customers are looking into other solutions
  • Stay ahead of your competitor’s by knowing who their customers are, or when a prospect is looking at their solution

Technographics and the enriched MarTech landscape empowers marketers to dive into what leading organizations are doing and to take a deeper look at their own leads and process to create more meaningful sales and marketing tactics.

About LeadSift

LeadSift identifies B2B prospects based on intent signals, qualifies them, and delivers them to your inbox. Whenever a prospect engages with your competitor’s content, or content published within your industry, LeadSift will discover and deliver them directly to you – complete with verified and accurate company and contact info. LeadSift data can now be enriched with technographics to show you the contacts tool stack for more qualified and personalized outreach.