Image walking into a room full of individuals at an event and knowing something really interesting about them. Have you bought anything interesting on eBay lately? Do you find your experience with Telus positive, because I am looking for a new mobile carrier? What a great conversation starter to break the ice!

The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) self describes as a leading technology innovation destination where investors, innovative companies, entrepreneurs and facilitators converge to drive economic growth and accelerate the development and implementation of new ideas. It also features the CIX Top 20, an exclusive showcase that celebrates Canada’s best innovations and the people behind them – we are really proud to be one of them this year!

Judging by the description we can assume that attendees are entrepreneurial in nature with an interest in business news and high-tech. Those are rather obvious attributes but when we decided to dig a bit deeper into who follows @CIXCommunity and those using #CIX2015 and #CIXTop20 using LeadSift, we uncovered a rather dynamic personality for this audience:


Of a total population of 2,580, this male dominated audience is very active on mobile. They consume most of their digital content on the go and are 4X more likely to be a Telus customer – I wonder if Telus is aware of this particular buyer?  They create their own win/win by countering their consumption of Molson beverages with healthy eating at Freshii. Their busy lifestyle as senior executives travelling around the world likely dictates their need to shop online or perhaps it’s more than convenience and a true affinity for Amazon, BeyondtheRack and eBay.

By segmenting the followers and those actively engaged with CIX, LeadSift extracted demographic and psychographic insights of this event audience. So how can an event planner apply this data?

Attract the right audience – Leveraging interests and topics to include in your pre-event promotional activities will help you attract the right speakers and participants, increase attendance and improve the quality of your event (after all it’s only as good as the people who attend it)

Foster active engagement – Identify the keywords, topics, and content that matters most to your target audience and use it to create the most relevant conversations before, during and after the event – get and keep people talking!

Capitalize on momentum – Make your next event as successful as your last one – or better yet, improve upon it by understanding the changing composition of your audience. Who did you attract? Same audience – find more of them. New audience potential – hyper-target them.

Learn more about leveraging social data for your event in our blog post or maybe we can get our own conversation started!