Continuing our series on Forcemanager’s hugely successful May 2020, Virtual Summit  Alex Field, Leadsift’s Head of Growth got deep into the metrics with Forcemanager VP of marketing, Jordi Capdevila Espitia.

The leads:

  • 9,977 people had registered for the event by the time we spoke to Jordi in June – and that number was continuing to climb as the event remained enabling late registration for the replays;
  • Approximately 80% of the registrants became leads; and 
  • around 8,000 people registered for the event that had no pre-existing knowledge of Forcemanager.

Conversion to meetings:

Forcemanager have a scoring system in place- which the event contributed to. Prospects who reached that threshold were then contacted by Forcemanager’s SDR’s. Within 3 weeks of the event, Forcemanager had:

  • 2,721 MQL’s from the event that were being contacted by sales on an ongoing basis;
  • 40 meetings directly influenced by the event of which 10 had turned into opportunities that were being worked by sales; and
  • Over 500 free trials.  


When we spoke with Jordi (in June 2020):

  • He was anticipating sales in the following week or so; 
  • They had  made sales internally from their existing customer base as a result of their focus on nurturing those customers through COVID as part of the run up to the event, culminating in their best April in terms of services sold to customers.
  • ROI was more than the 5K sold in May. Their average ticket is around 1,000 Euro MRR /12,000 Euro ARR, which would result in a healthy ROI on converting from the 10 opportunities mentioned above.

The NPS success: 

Right after the event, Jordi and his team wanted to know exactly what the feeling was amongst attendees. So, they asked them how likely they would be to recommend the event to a colleague or a friend. They received over 500 replies – a good rate for an NPS survey. The NPS from those replies was 68 (over 30 higher than the average NPS for SaaS) and the mean average, without NPS math was 9.

Jordi’s biggest takeaways:

  1. Branding and Design was really important to make the campaign as viral as possible and to engage with people. It took two good designers a good week, or two, to put it together.
  1. The ratio of success depends on the entire company buy in, no matter whether a company of 10 or 100. Jordi told us that getting everyone involved was really important, had a lot of benefits and enabled a lot to happen very quickly.
  1. Try out the first day of the event, and do as full a rehearsal as possible, one week ahead of the live event.  As this was the first three day virtual event that Forcemanager had run, things came up that they hadn’t expected meaning that, on the first day of the event, some of the team stayed up until midnight or 2:00 AM processing all the videos and uploading the replays because there were tricks to it that they hadn’t yet learned
  1. The virality of the exponential reach of the event goes beyond the event itself. As a result of the virality of their campaign, a lot of people wanted to speak at the event.  
  1. The event itself was the beginning of something much bigger – speakers and attendees connected afterwards and became partners.  So, now Forcemanager have people that talk about them and spread their  word and give them opportunities beyond that event.

The beauty is in the Evergreen

Forcemanager now has a 100% evergreen virtual event that Jordi expects to last for 1-1 ½ years, by which time they will have hosted another virtual event at which they will be able to showcase even better speakers, more people and make it even bigger.

This is the last in our series on Forcemanager’s Virtual Summit, you can find the previous two posts here and here.

Ready to amp up your own lead generation strategy?

You can find Jordi and Forcemanager here:

LinkedIn so that would be the best way for sure. a website Forcemanager: https://www.forcemanager.com/ 

www.jordice.com that’s my personal website.