I’ve spent the past 5 years talking to digital marketers, social strategy teams, media buyers and community managers and one thing that still remains very top of mind is “ What is the ROI of Social Media?”

It is no longer a question for big brands- they need to have a presence on most of the mainstream social media platforms. But how you evolve within this fast paced environment to set you apart from your competitors?

At a minimum, most brands have a listening platform, and technology that centralizes publishing to their social media channels. However, most insights captured with these tools are not always evident or digestible for teams to take real action on.

And not all insights are created equal. Having a better understanding of what each platform offers can better guide your strategy moving forward. Here is a high-level breakdown on the 4 things you need to know about social media insights:

  1. Facebook insights are limited

Every brand wants to know more about their fans and people mentioning them on Facebook. Unfortunately the insights available are only on the people who like your brand, and are at an aggregate level. Privacy is the real deal on Facebook. They have a lot of data, which is why they are dominating the paid social spend with the advancements on their algorithmic targeting.

  1. “Social Insights” generally means “Twitter Insights”

Twitter is by far the most public social data source and developers continue to try to consume and make sense of the over 500 million tweets happening everyday. At LeadSift we continue to identify in market consumers and understand “who they are, their interests, and their behaviors. “ This insight has allowed brands to improve their ad performance, understand their fans and engage them in a personalized manner.

  1. Real-time insights matter

With all the attention around personalized messaging and targeting wouldn’t it be great to know that your target audience is the one actually engaging with your content? Our clients continue to evolve both their targeting and content strategies through in flight campaign insights. We capture the users engaging with your brand and through our explorative interface allow you to access information around any audience by profiling users both at aggregate and the individual level.

  1. Sentiment and Influencer identification is challenging

Lots of work has been put into both sentiment and influencer scoring to-date, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Take it with a grain of salt, most follow the same general rules and there will be errors.

While it’s great to capture those mentions and followers of your brand, your competitors or your industry, but at the end of the day what really matters is Sales – after all that’s why every brand has a social presence. LeadSift believes the real opportunity to leverage social insights is through understanding audiences on another level – “who they are”, “what they do” and “how they behave”.

For example, you can discover what your posts say about you with our social fingerprint.

Now layer in purchase intent to add a 3rd dimension to that social data – and you’ve achieved what every marketer cares about!

Learn more about LeadSift’s approach to gaining insights in the social consumer.