Sales people don’t have a lot of time. If there’s a tool that makes your work better, faster and makes your commission bigger, sales people want to know about it. We’re bringing together the top 18 tools that our clients and prospects tell us about and use.

Here’s what they’re using and looking at now…


We start with video because it’s not what you were expecting, which is the same reason it’s so valuable in prospecting. Being different, standing out, getting attention and being engaging is key in sales. You won’t get anywhere by politely asking in a crowd while other reps go crazy around you.


One of the most popular tools in the sales world. The free Chrome plugin is easy to use and makes sending a personalized video to a prospect quick and easy. It breaks up your pattern of sending text-based emails every time. Even mixing things up with a GIF counts as you sending a text-based email, so don’t underestimate the power of video.


The app will load your script, add music, watermarks, subtitles or pretty much anything you want to a video. Seriously high-quality stuff.


You don’t need to have a data tool that predicts who a good account or contact will be. Pairing intent data with a tool to find the other contacts you might want to reach out to within an account, looking at you or a competitor is simpler.

Lead IQ

A great tool, very simple to use. Works great if you’re researching on LinkedIn and find the contacts you want to reach out to.

Behavioral Intent data

We don’t need to say who the vendor you need is here.

100 Free Leads


There are so many email tools, so forgive the shortness of this section. But here are the ones our clients talk to us about the most…


It’s commonly a flip of a coin when choosing between Outreach and Salesloft for a lot of sales teams and their leaders. They offer personalization at some scale, where cadences can be set but your copy can be edited before sending a totally blanket email. A great way to generate pipeline at volume.


Similar to above, Salesloft is about helping reps do more, easier. Personalization at scale is a key part of most successful sales people’s work, especially in the software space.


Another player in the space is a Canadian company called VanillaSoft.Built by Inside Sales experts to solve their own pain – Vanillasoft claims to have the simplest and most powerful Sales Engagement solution.

Proposal management

We analyzed this space in one of our Infographics looking at which vendor owns the market. Our friends at Proposify owned the market judging by the number of signals of intent to buy we found in their favor…


Our friends from Halifax have a great tool. The value of tracking when prospects open your proposals and contracts is huge. Get back in touch when they open it, answer questions proactively, and close deals.


Similar to Proposify. Why would you not want to reach out when you know the prospect is looking at your contract?

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Researching prospects on social and making it easy for buyers to investigate you and find a positive reflection of yourself online is key. Use these tools to make the process easier.


A very easy tool to use for sharing content on LinkedIn and Twitter primarily. Free and you should try it if you want to quickly post out and schedule your social posts for the day or week.


Similar to Buffer but it has great capabilities for tracking your Twitter lists and following or engaging people who are within said list. It’s easy to use their search feature so that you can track when people are using a certain keyword in tweets.

Sales Navigator

A must-have tool. Vital for tracking your key accounts and prospects so you know when they share content when anything important happens to an account. Great for researching prospects and finding your target buyers.


Simple but very important. Nobody wants to see a massive URL at the end of a post so make your work look tidy. Use Bitly to shorten your URLs and track how many clicks you get, so you can improve your social posting skills.

Call recording

These tools are slightly less about prospecting, but you can take what you learn on your calls and use it in prospecting outreaches. Generally, these tools will help you understand how your sales calls are working. How many questions you should ask, how many minutes on certain parts of the demo, etc.


One of our favorites. The tool unlocks a super deep level of analysis into what happens in sales calls, including the crunch points like how the way you approach your pricing in the conversation impacts your closing.


Gong have extensive research in their content revealing how long a cold call should be before you ask questions, how to seal the next steps in a demo, how many questions to ask, etc. These tools are extremely powerful.

Call software

Forgive us for talking through the popular tools here, but there is a reason. We’ve been on calls before to buy software from vendors using call software that we do not use. Tools outside of the usual remit you would expect to join a meeting on, which meant we were late to the call. Some of these tools require you as the guest to download the software, which takes time. If you’re not 5 minutes early, you may be late.

As the sales person, don’t take 5 minutes out of every call because of your software choice. Go for what works and what everyone knows and can use.


Our favorite. So simple to use, it’s great for hosting webinars and the free version suits some of our clients for their internal use where their sales team uses to paid plans to host more meetings. A very good software.


Another popular one, but we are seeing this one less and less over time. Let us know if you use this tool, if you have any preference over other tools for any specific reason.

Go To Meeting

One of the big tools in this space, great for running webinars and has a comprehensive set of features you can use in-meeting.


Did we miss anything? Let us know and talk to us about what you’re using. Especially if intent data is something you’re thinking about…