Everyone needs to learn, but sometimes you just need to listen to a person who has been there and done it. Sales and Marketing podcasts are incredibly popular now and we’re not the only ones who gain a ton from listening to them regularly.

So we’re going to list which ones we love the most and gain the most from.

Stay tuned if you want to learn fast, but not spend days testing out other sales and marketing podcasts before you find the best.

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Salesman Podcast

Will Barron is the host of the insanely popular Salesman Podcast. He has guests from all over the world with ranging expertise that help reps close, open the door, run calls and beat objections. If we missed anything there, you’ll find out everything you could need as a Sales person in this podcast.

Some of you will know we had the honor of talking to Richard Harris on a webinar this year, here’s just one of the great episodes Will and Richard worked on together.

Inbound Success Podcast

Just a few days before writing this post, we were on this podcast. It’s one we really like because of how ranging the topics are. You’ll never hear the same thing twice with this podcast, which means you’re always learning something new.

Here’s one of our favorite episodes featuring Author Sangram Vajre.

Marketing Over Coffee

John J. Wall and Christopher S Penn host this podcast, with killer guests and topics to get you thinking outside of the box. This podcast is a little different to other Sales and Marketing podcasts, this will get you thinking. It’s a little less about how to run killer social media profiles and the specifics we all focus on, but more about your broader thinking and overall strategy.

Here’s a personal favorite:

#MakeItHappen Mondays

John Barrows has an amazing podcast, uploading every Monday morning. #MakeItHappen Mondays always have a Sales leader to accompany John as they talk through everything hot right now in the industry. Not just any leader at any company, John makes sure his guests have killer stories to tell and tons of experience to back them up.

We were lucky enough to be on episode 49, check it out…

The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media Podcast by Buffer gives you in-depth strategies, tools, methods and ideas for getting the most out of social media. We’re talking ads, organic posting, images, videos, all the social networks, times to post and how to post.

If you’re driving a lot of traffic from social and want to squeeze more, you need this podcast.

If you’re not driving a lot of traffic from social, you need this podcast.

In short, this is a killer podcast.


This is one for Sales and Marketing people out there who are really trying their hardest. Tim Clarke set up Uncrushed to support people going through difficult times, because we all go through them. James Buckley is the podcast host for Uncrushed, sharing honest stories and wisdom on how real life people in high-pressure jobs cope.

Even if you feel fine and right today, make sure you subscribe to this podcast. It is an eye-opener to say the least.

SDR Chronicles

We all know Morgan J Ingram, host of the #SDRChronicles and part of the JBarrows team. Morgan started the podcast while working at Terminus, giving SDRs actionable advice on messaging and how to set more meetings. He now interviews people in the weeds, getting their strategies and ideas out there so that SDRs can up their game. Gary V has confirmed he will be on an episode, stay tuned!

Lead IQ Prospecting Podcast

The Lead IQ Prospecting Podcast is exactly what it sounds like. The insanely creative Lead IQ team talk about prospecting strategies with a range of guests. On the podcast, they share ways to stand out and to get your buyer’s attention with creativity and a smart process to back you up.

Here’s one episode with another of our webinar guests, Chris Ortolano.

The Sales Leadership Podcast

Rob Jeppsen from Xvoyant hosts The Sales Leadership Podcast, a super-actionable podcast with guests who are leading the way in their industry but are not the same old people we always see and hear from.

Here’s a favorite of ours with Joe Caprio of Chorus.ai – Using Customer Conversations to Drive 1-on-1 Sales Coaching.

Social Pros

Jay Baer runs this podcast and it’s a heavyweight in the social media space. This is another podcast that takes a deep dive into social media strategies and methods to maximize your returns – but with real life stories to help you understand.

Here’s a great episode on something you may have noticed we’re trying to work on recently. Check our social feeds and you’ll spot we’re doing more and more video… this podcast is giving us some ideas. 

Marketing School

Neil Patel and Eric Siu combine on this podcast to teach marketers actionable strategies to maximize their results – for everything. SEO, content, social media, video, email, landing pages, ads. You name it, they cover it. This is a killer podcast and it will teach you something new every single time you listen to it.

Marketing School

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