We recently sat down to talk with Francis Adanza from Testim.io about his marketing strategy and to find where new opportunities for content or event marketing he’d not thought about lay. To do it, we looked at what content and events his ICP care about, what his competitors are doing in the same regard and then pulled out the overlaps.

When we’ve ran this type of analysis before, we usually find it can go one of two ways. First, there are tons of surprises and new opportunities for the company we analyze. This doesn’t mean that they’re off target in what they’re currently doing, but it means there is content that their ICP wants to consume that they could experiment with. The same goes for events, there may be events you’ve not heard of that the buyers in the space love. It doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job at all, it means you’re looking at a golden opportunity.

On the flip side, sometimes the company we analyze are doing a stellar job of focusing on the right areas for content and events already – and anything their competitors are doing that’s too different doesn’t help the company we’re looking at. That’s a great sign, it means you’re on target and there may be a couple of small things to pay attention to and experiment with. But largely, these companies can just focus on execution, because their strategy is on target.

Let’s see how Testim.io’s marketing strategy is working…

Testim.io’s Marketing Strategy Breakdown

Testim.io’s marketing strategy is pretty light on events currently, but they’re looking at going bigger on events next year. The majority of their content strategy works around how they embed and get their content shared on sites like Quora and other 3rd parties. There are a lot of broad keywords that Testim.io and their competitors could talk about, but Testim.io prefer to stick to some of the more targeted ones than the overarching themes in some cases.

“DevOps” for example is a prevalent theme across their competitors’ content and webinars in particular, but it’s not as common in Testim.io’s marketing strategy.

So now we know how Testim.io see the lay of the land, what do they make of how their competitors are creating content?

Competitor Content

Testim.io’s competitors are producing content on some slightly different topics. Of course, you’d expect this as every company has a slight differentiation on what they do and how they see the market. It was interesting to hear why Francis thought that the competitors we analyzed were talking about these different topics and why he may experiment with some of them, but not all.

In some cases, competitors are talking about completely different topics compared to the company we analyze. In this case, the data shows that the vendors are talking about pretty similar topics.


Content Sub Topics

The key lesson here is how Francis wanted to explore the intent behind each content sub topic. This is so he can balance how much content his team should create around each topic.

For example, if his ICP love one topic they should probably create content on it. But they definitely should if the competitors aren’t talking about this topic very much. It depends on how much interest there is from the ICP.

On the flip side, topics the buyers show a little interest in could be worth exploring. But if the competitors rank well for it, it may be better to focus elsewhere.

Event Marketing

We found out early in the interview, event marketing will  be a bigger part of Testim.io’s marketing strategy next year. When we revealed the events their competitors go to and the events buyers attended, there were not many surprised. However, there was one event that the competitors were not going to and the buyers attended in their masses. This presents Testim.io with an opportunity to visit the event and get face-time with buyers without competitors around…

If you want your marketing strategy analyzed, talk to us. We do this for the fun of it. That, and the process of understanding the gaps in a marketing strategy. To understand where the opportunities are. Visit this page to watch the full webinar any time and fill out the form at the bottom if you want to do this with us.