You may have heard, but we recently had Mark Colgan from TaskDrive join us on an un-gated webinar. You can watch it anytime here, but we wanted to gain insight on some fresh ideas to use intent data from Mark, who had not seen our data before. He had some awesome ideas after quickly reviewing the data we ran on his company TaskDrive, their competitors, industry events and keywords related to their offering.

In many ways, this conversation is very similar to every kick off conversation for new users of intent data. We went over what data was collected, what it means, but most importantly what we should do with it.

The data is most useful when you take action on it. So, here’s Mark’s plan…

3 Keys To An Intent Data Action Plan

Mark immediately covered 3 key pillars to any intent data action plan. Regardless of your industry, deal size, location or target market, you need to start with the planning of which touches you’re going to carry out and on which channels. After that, Mark suggested the first segment of intent data leads he would approach (which is very consistent with what we see and advise) along with why he would target this segment first. And lastly, Mark dropped his ideas on how to engage the large number of leads who engaged with content in a way that doesn’t turn those leads off. So, now let’s get into the specifics.

Planning Prospecting Touches

This is the single most important thing you can do to make a raging success of your use of intent data. Pre-planning what your specific touches will be, which channels they will be on and crafting that message is the biggest factor in your success here. Mark mentions below that he plans to use social, email and phone which may be exactly how you would plan to use intent data too. A great exercise to put yourself through before reaching out is to map your content against which keywords and competitors you’ve tracked. Work out in advance which pieces of content you can send to prospects that will catch their interest based on what you know about them. Or better yet, use Mark’s idea about pre-targeting…

Go Closest To The Money

Where should you pay the most attention? Look for the leads closest to closing. Follow the money first. In Mark’s mind, this means you look at the people who engage with competitors first. If they engage with or follow competitors, they’re raising their hands to get information. To get content, blog posts, videos, educational material. This is an opportunity to send people your informative content too. Over to Mark to explain…

In our experience, this is the best way to go for most B2B companies. It’s pretty rare to find a company who have circumstances and a strategy to focus on other leads first. Although if this ever happens, it’s usually because they have a heavy emphasis on event marketing and choose to focus their energy towards leads at events.

Leads Engaging with Keywords

This is where things get interesting. There’s no throwing blankets over every lead and sending them the same content. You’ll need to be smart about what you want to show leads who engage with any keyword you track. Their interests and needs will be different. So how do you start that process? Begin with mapping out what content you have and which mediums you want to use as mentioned in the planning stage above. Then, go one level deeper with your content when you come to approach the intent data leads that engaged with keywords.

You may have some content around how to achieve a great result with X practice, but if you have a lot of intent data leads that engaged with this keyword it would be smart to test different pieces of content related to this on the leads. Think about what options you have and find the best route to generating engagement for your sales team to pick up and run with.

If you want your marketing strategy analyzed, talk to us. We do this for the fun of it and the process of understanding the gaps and overlaps in a marketing strategy. To understand where the opportunities are. Visit this page to watch the full webinar any time. And to try out some intent data leads of your own for free, try LeadSift Buzz (It’s free!)