With over a billion tweets sent every two days, Twitter is a goldmine of data for marketers. However, sifting through this seemingly unending stream of data to actually identify and target the right consumers can be a daunting, if not impossible, task.

LeadSift recognizes the need for marketers to better identify their target audience and reach them with their message. We’ve developed Facebook-like targeting for Twitter, so you can confidently run your 140-character campaign knowing that it’s reaching the right audience.

On Facebook, you can target your message to consumers using in-depth demographic and psychographic attributes. And using LeadSift, you now can do the same on Twitter.

LeadSift provides you with audience filters so that you can laser-focus your message to the consumers who are in-market, ready and willing to take action. Rather than the “spray and pray” approach of blasting your message out to whoever is online at the time, hoping it will have an impact, our filters help you navigate Twitter’s data and focus your message onto exactly the right audience at the right stage in the buying decision process.

We have prepared the infographic below that clearly explains the various filters that you can use to target your audience.

For example, you might want to catch consumers, as they are just about ready to make a purchase. In this case, you would target those who are in the consideration and evaluation phase of the buying decision process. And if you wanted to target just those users in your hometown, you would simply filter by location.

The possibilities are endless: you can target recent graduates who listen to Top 40s pop and who are passionate about animal rights; businessmen who love the outdoors and who frequent a particular restaurant; finance executives with a high net worth who are looking for a new car.

Nearly half of Twitter users are on Twitter to learn about a product or service, and nearly a quarter go on to actually make a purchase after interacting with it on the network [http://www.visioncritical.com/social2sale]. Your message should be the first one that they see.

Browse through the infographic below or contact us for more information about how we can help you target the right audience on Twitter.

LeadSift | Facebook Like Targeting on Twitter