Introducing The Bieber Rank: Cutting Through the Social Noise

Justin Bieber. Biebez. The Biebernator. Bieberlicious.

Whatever you want to call him, you sure can surely leave it to Bieber to send millions of teenage tweeters into a frenzy about any brand or product in front of them. He’s one of the most influential artists on Twitter and has a following of millions and millions of Beliebers all over the world.

Over the last few years, more and more teens and pre-teens are heading to twitter to share their thoughts and trending topics. In fact, recent studies show a potential trend growing within teens, in which they are leaving Facebook for Twitter for their conversations. These teens go here to talk about one another, talk about the products they love and show the world how awesome their life is by sharing pictures from parties and school dances. And maybe, if they create a big enough following and can capitalize on a few trending topics, they’ll get a follow from Justin Bieber.

Recognizing the handful of tweets being sent by these young Beleibers; we’ve crafted what we call….

“The Bieber Rank”

The Bieber Rank is our way of ensuring that when we’re sifting through conversations, we’re not sending you the young Beliebers wishing their parents would buy them a new Audi TT or Macbook Pro. Using Machine Learning techniques we have devised a process: given a twitter bio that we can predict if what was once considered a lead is actually just a wishful teenager.

While we recognize that some industries are relevant to this audience, some industries are not. The reason behind developing this algorithm is to ensure that we can offer businesses optimized lead qualification. For example, the tweet “I Need a car” is a string of content that demonstrate strong purchase intent, UNLESS it comes from a 14 year old kid who is simply wishing they could runaway from home because Bieber has a new girlfriend. To avoid this issue, we designed what we call an age identification process. Here’s the process:


The age identification process is our way of ensuring that the leads businesses receive through our platform are optimized for potential success. To ensure this, we look at over 15 different signals in a users twitter bio, their previous and posts and friend networks to assign a probability score to see if they are likely a teenager or an adult.

Now ladies, don’t stress. We still don’t know your exact age. We only look at leads to see if they are a teenager or not and use that score to weigh their value to potential businesses. Belieb it or not.

(Pun overload?)