LeadSift Launch – Welcome to Social Selling!

We’re proud to announce the LeadSift launch as we open up the platform to serve relevant social leads to all businesses looking to drive sales and grow their businesses via social media.

After months of beta testing and gathering feedback, we collected data that’s so compelling that we’re extremely excited to bring the power of social selling to the rest of the world. During our tests, we’ve observed increases of site traffic up to 100%, increase in follower counts from 0 to 102 within 2 weeks (no spam-bots) and unheard of click through rates of 16%-25%. Simply put, customers engage with you more when you actually talk to them one-on-one instead of shoving unwanted generic advertisement in their face. Who knew!?

Using our web-app, clients are able to find, engage with and track targeted social conversations and fill their sales funnel while nurturing a healthy social community. In the easy to use cloud platform, they can set up geo-targeted projects and start receiving leads that’s relevant to them within minutes of getting started. LeadSift provides further qualifying demographic and psychographic insights for these leads to make it easy to engage with their customers in a personal level. For example, if a customer posts that they’re looking to buy a car, LeadSift provides insights such as they have a family and a pet so the social sales agent can suggest a larger car to accommodate their needs and thus, instantly bringing them closer to their customers.

If you’re already using a social media monitoring platform but need help cutting through the noise and finding engage-able leads without sifting through the massive amounts of data – NO problem. LeadSift is integrated to SalesForce Marketing Cloud (Insights partner) and HootSuite (App Exchange) to help you find relevant leads right within your workflow so you can stop digging for valuable conversations and start investing the time in actually building meaningful relationships with  your customers.

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level in the evolution of social media, we’d love to hear from you and show you a demo for how you can cut out the noise and engage with your customers with targeted conversations!