Apartment Hunting is About To Change Forever

Finding an apartment has always been a headache.

The nightmares of trying to find the perfect apartment have put a bad taste in the mouth of millions around the world. And while the Internet makes it easier to find listings of potential apartments and rentals, it also introduces new complications.

It’s easier than ever to lose track of a negotiation and only takes a blink of an eye to miss an important email about a showing. Technology and social media has changed the way we sell, buy and find apartments and rentals. Yet, the impact of technology has primarily been a passive approach where renters reap all the benefits.

We’re excited to announce that we are making it better for both sides of the coin. Through a pilot project with Killam Properties, renting apartments in Atlantic Canada is never going to be the same as they’ve already started using LeadSift to give renters relevant and timely information upon demand in real-time.

Instead of spending hours and hours looking for pictures and reviews on rentals, Killam Properties has stepped up as a leader in social selling. Since using LeadSift, Killam Properties has already started to engage with potential leads on Twitter where users have expressed things like: “I’m moving to Halifax and need an Apartment ASAP!” or “I’m finally moving out of my parent’s basement. Time to go apartment hunting!”

Real Estate is one of the many industries that are prime for disruption due to social selling. We’re constantly optimizing and improving our LeadScore to deliver only the most relevant and timely engagement opportunities. As we continue to develop our algorithm, we will continue to help businesses unlock the true revenue driving power of social media. So no more sweating about looking for an apartment, just Tweet out your need and one of Atlantic Canada’s largest property management companies will personally reach out to help you!