Five Common Twitter Mistakes You Should Avoid

Twitter is an effective way to disseminate information to a large quantity of people who share similar interests or to those who look to you as a subject matter expert. With only 140 characters to use, it can be challenging to get your message across clearly and concisely. Even experienced Tweeters make mistakes sometimes – it happens.

Knowing the most common Twitter mistakes will help you avoid them in the future.

1. Tweets Explosion
Many Twitter users make the mistake of tweeting too much, too often and then ignoring their Twitter feed for the remainder of the day. It’s easy to get excited and motivated to be active on social media but sending out 50 tweets in the matter of 30 minutes is a bit much. In order to remain relevant and top of mind to your followers you should send out your tweets at regular intervals throughout the day. Tweeting in bursts can irritate your followers and result in them unfollowing you, or not taking you seriously.

Use tools like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule tweets that will automatically be posted at designated times throughout the day.

2. Chatting about the No-No’s
A lot of brands make the mistake of taking part in dialogue that really should be kept behind close doors. One of the easiest ways to lose a handful of customers is to wave your political views flag or bash another persons beliefs or religion. Trust me. I’ve seen brands do it and it’s not a pretty sight. Focus on creating and sharing content that builds a meaningful relationship with your customers with conversations and dialogue that you would have if you were on a first date.

3. Lacking a focus
It’s common for those who first join Twitter to tweet about everything under the sun. For instance, you might start by thinking you’ll tweet about “sales”, “start-ups” “social media” and “local events”. Launch your Twitter presence with a focus on one or two of those topics. This will help you establish your voice and give your followers a clear understanding of the sort of information they’ll be receiving from you. Naturally, as you develop your following and establish your voice, you’ll begin to cover more and more topics.

4. Mentions that limit exposure
It’s good practice to mention others in your Tweets. It not only engages your followers in a discussion or publically shines light on your opinion of them/their tweet, but it also makes your followers aware of the type of interactions you have with others. This is all good stuff. But many times users are unknowingly limiting their exposure by mentioning improperly. When you tweet about an article or blog post and use the @ sign, people will only see the tweet if they follow you and the person you mentioned. Use [email protected] (preceded by a period) so everyone, regardless if they follow both of you, can see the tweet.

5. Finger on the trigger
There’s nothing worse than tweeting something too quickly and immediately realizing that you misspelled the handle of someone you wanted to mention, made a typo or included a broken link. This can be embarrassing, easily annoy your followers, and damage your credibility as an expert.

Take time to proof your tweet before you click “send” and save yourself some grief. After all, there is no going back once you’ve released it into the Twittersphere.

Twitter is an effective tool to build and nurture relationships with industry, clients and fans alike when used correctly and strategically. Avoiding these five common mistakes will help you build valuable relationships and expand your network of influence.

What are some other common Twitter mistakes that are easily avoidable?