A Guide to Identifying Warm, Cold and Hots Leads on Twitter [FLOWCHART]

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, all leads are not created equal. Some leads require a bit more work to get them from point A to point B and others are simply impossible.

The emergence of social selling is placing an increased responsibility on sales professionals and brands to stay competitive. Organization of all shapes and sizes are starting to figure out how they can use social media to drive meaningful and measurable results for their business. Social media presents businesses with a new opportunity to drive revenue through lead identification and nurturing.

One of the biggest challenges with social selling is the differentiation between warm, cold and hot leads. It’s not easy for businesses to evaluate and understand the core difference between someone who’s simply tweeting for the sake of tweeting and someone who’s genuinely interested in a brands product or service.

This is a pain point for many businesses yet one that we’re solving with our LeadSift platform. That said, if you don’t have an algorithm in your back pocket and you see a potential lead fly across your twitter stream – Here’s a guide to help identify whether a lead is hot, cold or warm.