“Be A Customer Company” First


Recently, listening to the legendary Marc Benioff ([email protected]) speak about social.com made the world realise how important it is to treat your customers like first class citizens. His keynote resonated greatly with me and our vision at LeadSift.com

When we started to build LeadSift, we noticed that there were thousands of people in Social Media who were looking for or in need of help. It maybe that they needed help in choosing a car, getting their HDTV to work or they were frustrated with their telecom provider. And what was surprising is that, the companies were not reaching out to help these people! We envision a world where a social media user would say “I need a new laptop” and BestBuy or Radio Shack would reach out to them with a genuine interest to help and they can mutually benefit from it. Although currently some businesses focus on customers that directly @mention their name or use a hashtag, there is a vast majority who are expressing their intents in organic conversation while all the businesses are doing is flashing them unrelated advertisements!

At LeadSift we allow businesses to quickly find these customers. You can set up a project in under 10 seconds, NO keywords or pattern guessing is necessary. Immediately you will start seeing real people’s requests for the services you provide flowing through your screen in real-time. You can, with the click of a button, reach out to these customers with a genuine and concerted effort to help them and in the process win their business and their heart too. You get a chance at grabbing their attention with a human touch, way before they go to Google to do a search and find your ad along with hundreds of others.

We built LeadSift with a vision that direct, personal and timely engagement, that social media now allows, will build relationships which will ultimately turn people in need into customers. It’s about the personal touch, genuine care and concern from big companies instead of faceless monolithic marketing campaigns that will win the hearts of customers.

UPDATE (May 7, 2014): LeadSift can also directly assist with direct response marketing through advertising. With the recently announced twitter tailored audience product, LeadSift allows you to target in market buyers on twitter with highly relevant advertisements.

If you care about your customers and hate to think of them as numbers, join us in building relationships with real users and engaging with them at the exact moment they need you the most!