Why A Billboard Won’t Compete with Good Social Leads

The most popular goal for a marketing team is to increase sales. One of the most popular channels to marketing is social media. The most effective way to generate sales through social media is through the concept of lead generation and nurturing.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to talk about how you can effectively approach your leads and generate results. It’s not about finding a lead and immediately pitching a sale. It’s about finding a lead and sparking an authentic conversation about how you can provide them with some sense of value.

Social Leads Aren’t Like a Billboard
It’s important for marketers to recognize and understand that social media isn’t like other sales and marketing channels. It presents a whole new experience with its own set of challenges for businesses looking to find success. The challenges need to be expected and tackled head-on or your business will pay for it down the road.

First and foremost, recognize that social media is a place where conversations happen. And because of that, social media lead generation starts with a conversation and not a simple pitch. It’s important at this stage to understand what drives the interest of your target audience so that you can identify the topics and approaches to conversation that are are the most likely to draw people further down your sales funnel. By keeping your finger on the ongoing trends and insights happening within your industry or using tools such as Hootsuite Insights and Google Analytics, you will be able to gain insight into how people are interacting with your social media activities.

Channels like Hootsuite or BufferApp will present you with an opportunity to track re-tweets, shares, likes, posts, @mentions etc. You can also use Google analytics to track clicks through to landing pages on your website where people might download content or sign up for a webinar. From there, you have an opportunity to see which pieces of content on your site are the most effective at closing the deal and which are making people bounce.

Beyond all of these insights around the benefits of social media leads, one additional benefit stands out on its own as being the better choice in comparison to billboards. That benefit is your ability to make analytical and agile decisions. With a social media leads, you have the ability to consistently measure the effectiveness of your initiatives.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to learn and make changes to optimize your efforts for success. Change your approach in regards to your tone, change your approach in regards to your offer and change the way your organization does business.