What Electronics People Want For Christmas According To Twitter

Christmas is quickly creeping up on us.

Santa’s little helpers are busy running around building the electronics that are on everyone’s wish list. But what’s really on the wish list of the thousands of people around the globe this time of the year? We could conduct surveys, we could ask Santa or we could take a more modern day approach and measure the demand for products using social media.

The power of social media goes beyond the traditional application of engaging with customers and can be found in our ability to capture data and insight. An example of this can be found in a wide range of case studies and examples of organizations that have used social to better understand their audience. Upon unlocking these insights hundreds of brands have used them to a compelling story that resonates with their target audience.

In a world where communication is more open than it has ever been, consumers from across the world are going to Twitter to share what they want for Christmas. Whether it’s a tweet asking Santa for a new mobile phone or a tweet with a wish looking for a new console. Using the LeadSift algorithm we were able to sift through millions of tweets to identify only those that indicated a true intent.

In the infographic below we reveal the electronics people really wanted to find under the Christmas tree. The results might surprise you:

LeadSift Infographic Christmas Electronics