We got TechCrunch’d and more

Wow. It’s been another crazy couple of weeks for the Leadsift team.

We’ve been busy gearing up for our first wave of customers, we finalized a key hire, got a lot of press, & announced another key investment.

Key Hire: We chatted about this in our last post but it’s worth reiterating that we’ve brought in Kevin Dolan as a part of our growing team. He not only brings 9 years of experience with an in-depth understanding of social media sales but also serious skills on a surfboard even in Atlantic Canadian winters!

Press: Over the past week, we were lucky to receive some great coverage from TechCrunch (link), BetaKit (link), TechVibes (link), Entrevestor (link), TechEast (link), CNN Money (link) and a whole lot more.

Funding: As you may have noticed, Techcrunch and a few other outlets announced our latest investment from OMERS Ventures. We’re very excited to have support from such awesome groups and people at them, on our mission to equip sales professionals and organizations with a tool that will help them generate meaningful results from social media. Here’s a snippet from when we got TechCrunched:

Make way for another company that’s helping enterprises make sense of social media. LeadSift, a Canada-based social media startup that helps businesses mine social data on sites like Twitter and Foursquare for sales lead generation, has raised a seed round of $500,000 from Omers Ventures, the fund that invests in other Canada-based social media startups like Hootsuite.

Social media presents a treasure trove to companies looking for data on how their products are used, wanted, hated and loved. The challenge sometimes is in mining for that treasure.

And while all of this was awesome. The teams reaction says it all:


Congratulating an entrepreneur for raising money is like congratulating a chef for buying ingredients” – No idea(actually – @benkaufmann)

To everyone; we appreciate the kind words and congratulations. But our heads are down and we’re working harder than ever. It’s time to put the code in the oven and give our customers a meal and we can’t wait to serve it.

We have closed our seed round of over 1.1M with amazing angels and investors – Gerry Pond, Bob Justason, Jeff White, Ian Cavanagh and John Munro of Ambir, Dan Martell of Clarity, Thor Muller of Get Satisfaction, Jevon MacDonald and Gavin Uhma of GoInstant, Innovacorp, Permjot Valia, Jeff Armaine, Nimishh Patel of AOL and many others who have committed to helping and guiding us. It’s time to make everyone who have put their faith in us, proud.

We encourage you to check us out on Twitter and be sure to let us know if you’re interested in signing up for LeadSift.