6 Reasons Why Nobody is Reading Your Blog

Getting frustrated with all the effort writing and maintaining a consistent blog requires? Are you wondering why all of the cleaver, well researched nuggets of gold you’re producing are going largely unnoticed by the information hungry masses that lurk in every corner of the internet?

Well, as many bloggers never seem to guess, the problem is probably their fault. However, before you let your frustrations get the best of you, and allow your blog to become stagnant and begin to collect digital dust we hope you’ll consider implementing some of our suggestions. You might be surprised at the difference their application makes.

1. Relevance
Maybe your blog is boring. Before you write a post make sure to ask yourself, “Am I writing this because it’s important, or am I writing this for the sake of writing it?”. Don’t forget that when it boils down to it, content is the most important part of your blog. If what you’re writing, or are about to write, isn’t interesting, unique, new, provocative, or controversial in some way, then you will never truly have a successful blog or ever develop a regular readership.

It’s important to understand who your audience is and ensure that you’re providing them with a message of interest. We’re not going to start writing about the latest fashion trends because that’s not what we do. Our message on this blog is directly linked to improving your social media efforts and helping you stand out from the crowd.

2. Search Engine Optimization
Companies LOVE SEO, so much so that many contribute THOUSANDS of dollars monthly to an SEO budget. Unfortunately in many cases businesses seem to leave SEO at the door when it comes to blogging. An un-optimized blog might as well be invisible to search traffic, and with the amount of people talking about the exact same thing as you, you need to stand out. Websites like SEOMoz and Quicksprout,  provide great insights around search and how to ensure your blog is optimized for success.

3. Captivating & Engaging Titles
Beyond its SEO benefits, a captivating title for your blog post is a huge area that many bloggers overlook. The internet is a like an amusement park, at any one moment there are often hundreds of things all happening at once (think of your twitter feed) if your blog title isn’t enticing enough to quickly catch the eye of someone scanning for an interesting read then it will go unread. It’s as simple as that. Your blog title should be succinct, eye catching and leave the reader wanting more information. You have one sentence to convince people you are writing about something they are interested in, so do not overlook its importance.

The best advice I ever recieved: Write the title last.

4. Formatting
If your blog doesn’t look easy to read, and all importantly, if it isn’t easy to quickly scan, then your blog is going to have a higher bounce rate than a rabbit on Redbull. The best tip that we can give you, is to think of your blog as a billboard advertisement; beyond the content, the appearance of your blog in itself should be captivating. If, for example, you are attracting people to your post with 5 tips on a particular subject then those tips should be easily and quickly visible as soon as the reader visits your blog. Often times the reader will scan the blog to look for a particularly captivating point, if this point isn’t immediately visible then there is a good chance your blog will go unread.

5. Consistency
It is the cardinal rule of Social Media marketing, and as we already previously mentioned in our blog post, 7 Unfortunate Social Media Strategy Blunders, if you cannot commit to being consistent, then you probably should hire someone who can. If you are producing 1-2 blog posts per week for a small readership, and think you can disappear for a month and return with the same committed readership you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Minimum one post per week is a goal most businesses shoot for to keep their audiences engaged and is generally a good rule of thumb to follow.

6. Promotion
Promoting your blog is just as important and can require equally as much work as writing it. It is a good idea that when you publish your latest blog posts, to have a step-by-step promotional check list that you should follow. This list should include:

  • Facebook wall posts promoting your latest post, with the carefully crafted Title at the forefront
  • Twitter promotion similar to your Facebook promotions
  • Homepage promotion, if it is possible to advertise the fact that you have a new blog post on your homepage then you could capture visitors to your website who’s original intention wasn’t to search out a blog post.
  • Digg.com and Reddit submissions
  • Cross promotions advertise your blog by simply contributing to the comment sections of the blogs you like to read. If people like what you say they will likely visit your blog to learn more about you.
  • Guest Posts are a great way to gain new readers from other blogs, and to in-turn promote your blog.
  • Curate Blog Posts that you have read and really like, as a way to provide your readership with information you see as particularly valuable. If the post you curate is particularly viral then the act of simply linking to it could provide a readership boost to your blog.

It seems like there is a belief that blogs are a prerequisite to any modern day company who wishes to have a relevant digital presence. There is a mentality that every website overhaul to new design and creation these days MUST require a well-thought out blog. A page from which, so the company CEO thinks, a bevy of organic search traffic will uncontrollably spew. And this is sometimes true, but most of the time isn’t; and it’s because of the aforementioned mistakes that many inexperienced bloggers and businesses alike make. There is no doubt about it, blogging is an art, the amount of planning that goes into what is often a quick-read of 500 words can be staggering, but once you become accustomed to what is required to make your blog as successful as it can be, this writing style becomes second nature and the promotion becomes a snap.
Have any blogging success stories or failures you would like to share? We would LOVE to hear them!