Sales is The Missing Piece of the Automotive Social Media Puzzle [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media and the automotive industry have a relationship stronger than Brad and Angelina. It’s one with history, successes and great tales of business accomplishing meaningful results. Whether it’s through an integrate social media campaign or a viral video; the automotive industry has embraced and conquered many aspects of social media.

We decided, we would take a look deeper into the automotive industry and how they’re using social media. To no surprise, the automotive industry is leading the way as it relates to marketing and generating buzz through social. Yet, when it comes to driving quantified sales directly through social media channels; they come up short. In only 3 days we found over 5000 potential leads for automotive dealers and brands across North America. The tweets included people explicitly stating that they were looking for a car with tweets like:

“In the market for a new car. Should i get the car i want. or swallow my pride and get the Kia soul??”

This is an untapped opportunity and one that the automotive industry is going to soon have no choice but embrace. As customers continue to use social media as their first step in their buying process, businesses will need to react and react quickly. At the time of this post, companies like Ford have already begun putting in place the infrastructure to capitalize on these leads.

Check the infographic below for key data from social media usage within the automotive industry:

Automotive Social Media | Infographic

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