Welcome to the #socialroundup – a collection of what’s going on in the world of social. Starting this month we’ll scour the web to find the must reads, the need to knows and a few things that are just plain entertaining (like our quiz).

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Study: 60% of companies struggle to measure social media marketing ROI


As a marketer, what do you want from your social campaign? That would likely depend on your goals – but most cite brand awareness first and foremost in this article from Ben Silverman of Brafton. Many companies say that their biggest social media challenge is measuring tangible, financial results. And that doesn’t surprise us as we are always striving to get closer to ROI.

Key Learning: The B2C and B2B KPIs you should look for

5 Social-Media Rules Brand Managers Need to Break

5 social media rules image

When it comes to digital marketing, to quote author Amy Jo Martin “renegades write the rules.” And as Nicole E. Spears explains in this post, you need to know the rules before you can break them. So here they are – read and then let out your inner rebel!

Key Learning: The questions you need to ask before you break any rule

Instagram Advertising: 5 Steps to a Successful Launch

Instagram Advertising Image

The number of companies using Instagram will nearly double next year according to eMarketer. But yet Instagram is still new territory for everyone, including display advertising veterans. If it’s imperative that your brand gets on Instagram, then it’s imperative that you read this article by Jamie Tedford.

Key Learning: Aside from everything about advertising on Instagram, the breakdown into 5 manageable steps

Timeless Post: How to Set Social Media Marketing Goals

setting social media marketing goals

Carter Hostelly focuses on finding the right goals for social media specific to B2B marketers.

Key Learning: Breaking social media marketing goals into 4 stages

Have you taken the millennial quiz?

Along with Instagram’s burst, comes the millennial wave. Marketers are wise to pay attention to the behavior of millennials as they are now the largest demographic in history, they spend more than $200 billion annually and are the first cohort to be dubbed “digital natives.” How well do you know their online behaviour? Take our quiz to find out.

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