Arena Anthem Night was tough on Quentin but social love has been 2 for 2 in determining which of the bottom two goes home – not bad odds! Heading into the home stretch, American Idol is stripping the lights, killing the fog machine, and backing the trusses off the stage. They’re trading that extravagant arena feel for something a lot more intimate this week. And more intimate could definitely mean a lot more social love. This is also the start of the Idol Tour 2015 lineup – another event that could turn up the heat on the social love meter.

So wrapped up in the excitement and potentially getting ahead of ourselves…let’s see from the 7,672 tweets of 5,765 users who the winner is this week – spoiler alert it isn’t Nick.

Congratulations Rayvon! You brought it big:


Nick didn’t fall far, and judging from his consistent social love positioning, no one really expected him to. Based on our track record, could Jax or Clark be headed home tomorrow night?

Total Mentions 5


Teens Adults 5

The top 5 deliver 10 performances inspired by the judge’s hometowns and hearts – who do you throw the most social love to?