Most marketing teams spend a majority of their resources building out marketing automation, lead scoring, and advertising campaigns that are designed to drive nurtured MQLs to development reps and SQLs to sales teams. Still, many sales teams find that a healthy percentage of the leads they receive aren’t up to snuff, leaving many sales reps to source their own leads or depend on third-party lead sources independent of their marketing department.

The truth is that while many of the marketing systems that companies have in place today are both reliable and generally effective, they are also blind to many of the in-market buyers that are out there today.

The way that B2B buyers shop for solutions has changed. They use third-party research sites, B2B communities, and social media to learn about solutions and see how they have impacted similar companies. Of those actively searching for and discussing solutions in your market, only a small percentage of them will come to your website. Those that do are unlikely to provide their email address and become a validated lead within your system. How many are out there researching, just waiting for a company to approach them and explain how they can help?

At LeadSift, we provide intent data and social intelligence that helps marketing and sales teams identify prospects that are engaging with competitors and relevant industry content, engage them, and lead them through their sales pipeline. With LeadSift, you don’t have to wait for those would-be leads to come to your website and fill out your forms. You can leverage our intelligence to figure out who is taking actions outside your owned channels or engaging with your competition.

There are a few ways in which our intent intelligence can help B2B companies to accelerate their sales process:

Score Leads’ Social Interactions to Deliver More SQLs

LeadSift’s platform allows subscribers to specify trigger events that help them to identify new prospects and target accounts that may have an interest in their product. These trigger events can signal intent and can be used to help score new leads that enter your system that you discover through our data.

A few of the different trigger events that you can use to identify new prospects include:

  • Engaging with competitors.
  • Engaging with your partners or industry influencers.
  • Mentioning target keywords on social networks.
  • Engaging with industry news.
  • Attending industry events.
  • Following you or competitors on social networks.

Depending on the action taken by the prospect, certain levels of interest and intent are signaled. For instance, if a prospect says outright on social media that they are planning on investing in a product similar to your own, that would signal high levels of intent and possibly even a fully marketing-qualified lead for your sales development reps out of the gate.

Not every action that triggers their inclusion in your LeadSift data will result in an MQL or SQL. Still, those events can all be informative about a prospect’s current position in the buying process and should play a role in your lead scoring system.

Often, intent data can give you as much or more relevant information about a prospect than data from your own channels might. People tend to be more forthcoming and open with their thoughts on their own social media accounts or when they are interacting with their peers. Intent data can not only help you to score leads but score them more accurately.

Provide Sales with More, Sharper Account Intelligence

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Source: SalesForce

Timing and context are so important when it comes to sales. According to a recent study from Gleanster Research, when prospects are ready to buy, 35%-50% of total sales go to the vendor that responds first.

Sales reps know this, but often don’t have the contextual intelligence required to identify the perfect timing to engage with prospects. B2B deals can take months to complete. It’s impossible for your sales reps to actively monitor all stakeholders within a buying team and sift through months of social media updates to identify the right moment.

LeadSift’s intent intelligence takes this out of their hands but alerting them when relevant social interactions take place. Our intent data helps sales teams not only identify what is top of mind for prospects, but when they would like to hear it.

Use Intent Data to Inform Account-Based Marketing Messaging

One of the biggest benefits of our social intent intelligence is that it gives marketing teams the ammo that they need to personalize and tailor their messaging to a specific audience. By analyzing the actions of individual stakeholders outside your owned content, you can create a more well-rounded view of your target accounts in your ABM system. More information about your prospects is always a good thing.

A few of the direct ways that you can use our intelligence to inform your marketing messaging include:

  • Monitor the online activities of high-value targets within accounts.
  • Understand what the most important concerns are across entire organizations.
  • Use an individual’s social interactions to tailor campaigns and messages that are sent to them.
  • Develop new content that speaks to their biggest concerns.

By integrating intent data into your marketing materials, conversations, and campaigns you’ll be able to improve engagement with your content among key stakeholders in organizations. Imagine a prospect that shares a concern about your industry on social media, and within a day’s time you deliver an excellent piece of content that helps to ease their concerns — the value really can’t be overstated.

Identify Champions Within Accounts

In B2B deals, you are often dealing with a buying center that can include up to a dozen individuals in enterprise accounts. Without having clairvoyance or an inside source within the company, identifying which of those stakeholders holds the most power in your deal can be a tough prospect. Some stakeholders will inevitably have higher stakes when it comes to your product and therefore play a larger role in the final decision.

Identifying champions of your product within a target account can be powerful. By furthering your relationship with them, they can help you to identify the most influential stakeholders and help to sway opinions toward your product. Champions are allies in complex deals.

Social intelligence can help you to identify these champions within your target accounts. Among the stakeholders, who is out there talking about your product? Who is sharing information with their peers about your industry? Who is actively searching for information that will influence their decision? Knowing this information can give you a powerful tool for identifying champions and make the most of their influence within target accounts.

Improve Personalization at All Points in the Sales Process

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Source: MozuCommerce

There are few tools more powerful for marketing teams than personalization. One-third of marketers state that personalization is the most important to marketing in the future.  Consumer expectations are shifting toward a more personalized experience as well. 87% of consumers state that personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand. 78% of consumers will only engage offers if they have been personalized to their previous interactions with a brand.

To personalize content for targets and accounts, you have to learn about them and understand them. While internal data sources can provide data that improves personalization, social intelligence, and intent data can help supplement and even drive your personalization practices. Social intent data allows you to take their own words and translate that into your marketing messaging, speaking to the subjects that are most critical to that specific target.

Accelerate Your Sales with LeadSift’s Social Intelligence & Intent Data

LeadSift’s social intelligence and intent data will give you the tools that you need to accelerate your sales processes and close more deals. Our data can help you to accurately score leads, identify champions within accounts, improve personalization, and help re-shape your marketing and sales messaging to speak to your prospect’s biggest concerns. LeadSift’s social intelligence gives your sales and marketing teams the tools that they need to identify the best prospects in your system and move them through the sales process more quickly.

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