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About Stephanie Cox

I’m a recovering perfectionist who believes you should “ship” new initiatives as fast as possible and constantly iterate on them based on the data. Speed > Perfection.

I have an endless amount of crazy ideas and I enjoy challenging what’s possible. Ask anyone who has ever worked with me.

I use the Oxford comma, love Coke, and hate crappy design. I speak candidly, have exceptionally high standards, and gravitate towards people who get sh*t done.

I believe in paying it forward and mentoring young talent. I’m always up for helping out other marketers, leaders, and sales reps. I don’t sugar coat it. It doesn’t help anyone to just hear the good stories. I find you learn the most when you hear what didn’t work and why.

And I’ve been doing this for a long time. I have more than 15+ years of marketing and sales experience in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. I’ve pretty much done about everything in my career: launched companies, brands, new products, geographic expansion, and more. I’ve driven phenomenal growth, spoke at conferences around the world, led incredible teams, and I’m just getting started.

About the podcast

The aim of the "show me the data" podcast is to cut through the fluff & get down to the data & what's working straight away. A few months back myself & the founder of LeadSift (Tukan Das) became SICK of listening to 60+ minute podcasts with very little "value" & actionable strategies we could go & implement the same day.


Our commitment with this podcast is that you're going to hear from REAL industry experts (people who're in the Trenches) - not LinkedIn Gurus! Not only that but we're going to cut the FLUFF with these experts & get to the bottom of what is actually working for them to help grow their company.