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About the podcast

In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Head of Demand Generation at Balto, Rowen Gray.

Ask most B2B marketers about: "LinkedIn Ads"

And I think the general sentiment/feeling you'll get back will be pretty negative.

👉"They're really expensive"

👉"Google/Facebook ads are better"

👉"Just use organic LinkedIn"

These are the common 'knee-jerk' reactions you'll hear from marketers.

So, why then... if the general consensus is that they're "too expensive" and that "organic is better" - do they still make sense?

Well, according to Rowen from Balto - they make A LOT of sense.

Especially, when you're trying to educate buyers about a new category & create demand from SCRATCH.

And in this episode - Tukan get's to the bottom of just how Rowen & the team at Balto are using LinkedIn ads so effectively as well as what they're doing differently from most others "trying to run LinkedIn ads"