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About the podcast

In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Director of Growth at Reonomy, Puneeth Ghodgeri.

Every SaaS company dreads it... 😬

The transition from targeting SME's to mid-market/enterprise companies.

i.e. moving up-market & actually having to try that good olde' thing called "outbound sales."

"How do we support our sales when they've always been used to warm inbound leads.... and now all of a sudden there's little to no 'inbound' leads?"

It's questions like that, that are on the minds of every SaaS exec team - when making this kind of transition.

Which is why for this episode of the Show Me The Data podcast, we've brought on Puneeth Ghodgeri who's helped companies make this transition not once but SEVERAL times.

His key piece of advice?

It requires *culture change* not just *tactical changes* to make this transition.