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About Matthew

I am passionate about using data-driven marketing to grow B2B organizations (particularly SaaS) in an efficient and scalable manner.

I do this by helping organizations deliver the perfect marketing message to the most qualified buyer at the ideal time, through creative growth and demand generation strategies. My specialty is in the digital marketing sphere of demand generation and accordingly, I work heavily on performance marketing initiatives.

As a Senior Full Stack, Demand Generation Marketer with over 8 years' managerial-level experience, I've worked across campaigns with a wide range of goals and mediums including:

📌Lead generation

📌Brand awareness

📌Account-based marketing

📌Interactive content video

📌Pre, during and post-event engagement.

About the podcast

The aim of the "show me the data" podcast is to cut through the fluff & get down to the data & what's working straight away. A few months back myself & the founder of LeadSift (Tukan Das) became SICK of listening to 60+ minute podcasts with very little "value" & actionable strategies we could go & implement the same day.


Our commitment with this podcast is that you're going to hear from REAL industry experts (people who're in the Trenches) - not LinkedIn Gurus! Not only that but we're going to cut the FLUFF with these experts & get to the bottom of what is actually working for them to help grow their company.