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About Jordi

Marketing Lover and Enthusiast Team Leader.

I have quite a story about personal and professional growth based on making critical decision to change the course of my career and ultimately, my life. If you are curious, connect and follow me and you will figure it out.

In the meantime... I love bringing brands alive and raise their reach through thoughtful marketing.

I am passionate about growth, and how sales can be greatly impacted by great marketing teams. That's why B2B is my thing and turning the marketing and sales departments in all-star teams that deliver unprecedented results. Teams that I had the pleasure and honour to led provably taught me more than I did to them, but I am the one who loves to orchestrate systems and processes to be efficient while doubling or tripling results. From websites that grew double digits on a monthly basis, to companies that grow their meetings booked in 3x.

I also asses and do consultancy to projects and companies in their Inbound & Outbound, Content Marketing Plans, and Marketing Automation. This way they can jump-start their initiatives in the right direction and set their teams towards success.

Last but not least, I enjoy training and speaking in either college or conferences alike, on how to align marketing and sales, marketing stack, sales development and enablement, or public speaking. I've done so in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Las Vegas, San Francisco among others.

Check out Jordi's site below:


About the podcast

The aim of the "show me the data" podcast is to cut through the fluff & get down to the data & what's working straight away. A few months back myself & the founder of LeadSift (Tukan Das) became SICK of listening to 60+ minute podcasts with very little "value" & actionable strategies we could go & implement the same day.


Our commitment with this podcast is that you're going to hear from REAL industry experts (people who're in the Trenches) - not LinkedIn Gurus! Not only that but we're going to cut the FLUFF with these experts & get to the bottom of what is actually working for them to help grow their company.