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About Fernando Nikolić

I help (SaaS, B2B, Enterprise) companies with marketing and product growth leveraging ideal customer profiles, automation, strategic messaging, customer acquisition strategy, and conversion strategy.

Experienced in:

SaaS Marketing, Growth Marketing, Demand Generation. Sales Enablement. Account-based Marketing & Marketing Automation.

About the podcast

The aim of the "show me the data" podcast is to cut through the fluff & get down to the data & what's working straight away. A few months back myself & the founder of LeadSift (Tukan Das) became SICK of listening to 60+ minute podcasts with very little "value" & actionable strategies we could go & implement the same day.


Our commitment with this podcast is that you're going to hear from REAL industry experts (people who're in the Trenches) - not LinkedIn Gurus! Not only that but we're going to cut the FLUFF with these experts & get to the bottom of what is actually working for them to help grow their company.