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About Anadelia Fadeev

I’m a big fan of marketing basics (4 P's anyone?). I'm a data-driven marketing manager with over 8 years experience in B2B marketing at tech startups, I'm a craft beer fan and a hot dog connoisseur.

I’m passionate about helping people on my team to grow into empowered marketing professionals who find confidence and success at work.

About the podcast

The aim of the "show me the data" podcast is to cut through the fluff & get down to the data & what's working straight away. A few months back myself & the founder of LeadSift (Tukan Das) became SICK of listening to 60+ minute podcasts with very little "value" & actionable strategies we could go & implement the same day.


Our commitment with this podcast is that you're going to hear from REAL industry experts (people who're in the Trenches) - not LinkedIn Gurus! Not only that but we're going to cut the FLUFF with these experts & get to the bottom of what is actually working for them to help grow their company.