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About the podcast

In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Paid Marketing Manager at Reply.io, Alex Panchuk.

Sales engagement platforms = highly competitive category.

(And very expensive keywords)

Meaning... every. single. dollar. really does count when you're playing in that space.

But HOW DO YOU make every dollar count when you're going up against the likes of SalesLoft & Outreach? 🤔

Well, in short - you have to get creative.

(Like REALLY creative)

SOOOOO creative that you figure how to play Google at it's own game, confusing the tag manager and reduce your adwords CPA by $100.


That's what our guest for today's episode, Alex Panchuk, figured out how to do (a true "growth hacker" at heart ❤️)

During this conversation, Alex broke down the EXACT process behind how he's been able to setup this up and within just a few weeks, reduce his CPA from $200 to $100.