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About the podcast

In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Head of Marketing at Cylindo, Aleksandar Atanasov.

Standing out with your content strategy in 2021 - is super HARD.

Your competitors can copy:

👉 Your podcast

👉 Your LinkedIn text posts

👉 Your blog

👉 Your newsletter But something they can't copy?

✅ Original research.

More to the point... original research reports.

But how do you go about creating an "original research report?"

Good question.

Well in this discussion Aleksandar (the original research report wizard) sat down with Tukan to break down Cylindo's EXACT process for creating these reports... from A-Z.

During the discussion you'll hear:

1️⃣ How to actually create the report & make sure it's relevant for the end consumer.

2️⃣ Distribution strategies for a research report & how to repurpose it.

3️⃣ Data behind Cylindo's latest research report.