We’re always looking for the next best thing, especially in competitive markets. They do not come much more competitive than the Sales space. Getting a job and climbing the career ladder in Sales now is incredibly competitive. SDR jobs in Silicon Valley are worth more money than some leadership positions at other companies in different areas. Sales is a tough industry and rightly so, it’s as close to being an Entrepreneur as you can get. Which means you have to take on added stresses, responsibility and deliver – every time. It’s not for everyone, which is why we should all pay attention to those who survive and thrive in this industry.

So, we’ve looked at which leaders we want to follow in a previous post. Now we’re shining a light on up and coming Sales pros who deserve the spotlight.

Sales pros to watch

Jon Mazza – LeadIQ

Thinking outside the box when it comes to prospecting is Jon’s forte, a hallmark of a great LeadIQ sales pro. They are always making hilarious videos that get our attention, earn them meeting and sales.

Jon is a Sales Development Specialist on their team capitalizing on this. You’ll see him in your Inbox sending super personalized emails to you, leaving great voicemails and being extremely creative in the way he reaches out. He has great experience and in this video, you will find yourself jealous of his jacket. You’ll definitely notice him if you’re at the same event as each other…

Ed Elder – Masergy

Ed has achieved crazy numbers with Masergy in his Business Development Executive role. Hitting 130% of quota every month since his ramp time isn’t bad at all. 175% of quota in his 6th month at the company. Within 6 weeks of joining Masergy, he booked the 2nd most meetings out of the whole team in a week.

Multiple time “Hulk Smash” award winner Ed deserves his spot on this list.

Katie Morrissey – Wistia

Katie is the first Senior Account Executive at Wistia. She hit 142% of quota in 2018, 143% in 2017 and has became a webinar host as well as an industry speaker. You’ll find her at the big events like INBOUND, #FlipMyFunnel, RainMaker and a ton more.

She’s a former Hubspot BDR and AE with an incredible record there. She finished Q1 in 2016 at 238% of quota, which is amazing. And to top it all off, she passed John Barrow’s Sales training course just before we wrote this post. As we are big fans of John that goes down well in our books.

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sales pros using trigger events webinar

Sarah Drake – Directive

Sarah is an SDR at Directive in California. She’s selling PPC advertising and other forms of marketing to help drive more opportunities for clients. She’s doing this straight from working in a restaurant and is crushing it.

We’re really impressed with her killer article on Outreach.io about blanket emails not working, which we totally agree with.

Seth Thompson – TimePayment

Seth is really in the weeds in Sales but is finding time to make excellent content to educate his peers. #SethTalks on LinkedIn is a hashtag you need to follow.

He has a regular audience who love his content. But it’s not all about content, Seth hit 108% of quota in 2018 and 105% in 2016, as well as 123% in 2015. One to watch!

Justin Shie – Zendesk

Justin is a Sales pro who is not afraid to ask questions to the leaders that can improve him as a Sales rep. You will often find him asking leaders for advice or sharing a situation with people on LinkedIn asking for their 2 cents.

He cold calls every day, uses email expertly and also has a hand in Customer Success. You can’t preach it if you don’t practice it, in his words.

Calvin Patterson – Mixpanel

Calvin has been an SDR and now is working in Enterprise Sales Development with Mixpanel. He has a great record for hitting quota, with 148% in Q4 in 2018 as just one highlight to his reel.

There is more to Calvin than his numbers. He is beginning to create more content and expand his network, including working on a SlideShare with us too.

Andy Duwe – Alleyoop

Andy has proven his talents in the Alleyoop team, where he and his peers work in Sales Development driving revenue to other companies. He’s now the Sales & Training Manager there after consistently hitting his quota and exceeding it.

Don’t take our word for his skills, here’s a great video shining the spotlight on one of Alleyoop’s best in class with a great story.

Chantal Herry – SalesLoft

Chantal has grown through the ranks at SalesLoft, who are of course a Sales software. You could hardly choose a tougher place to apply for a Sales job, with such high competition in the software and Sales spaces specifically for jobs like hers.

Beginning in Sales Development, moving up to team leadership and now into EMEA Sales Executive work, Chantal is climbing the ranks quickly. She’s made the jump into the new SalesLoft UK HQ too.


Who did we miss from this list of Sales pros to keep an eye on? Let us know. If you’re hungry to get your name up on this list, get free leads showing intent to buy from your competitor so you can crush your quota. Get that edge you need to take a step up…