Salespeople have a tough job. They have to be personable and engaging, convincing and empathetic, knowledgeable and patient… all while keeping track of a whole host of metrics and best practices in their space.

The concept of sales enablement can help your sales team achieve all of the above and more. Here’s how.

What is sales enablement?

The core idea behind sales enablement is to empower salespeople to sell more efficiently. In order to do this, sales enablement leverages technology, processes and content.

Technology – Sales automation and CRM tools are useful for sale enablement, as they help salespeople streamline their process and eliminate manual, repetitive tasks. This allows them to focus more on building relationships and closing deals.

Processes – Every aspect of your sales process should be oriented towards enablement, from onboarding new reps to refreshing content on a regular basis. 

Content – Content is possibly the most important piece of the sales enablement puzzle. Using content as a selling tool, reps can be much more effective at engaging with prospects. They can provide them with information that is valuable, timely and compelling in order to move them closer to a sale.

Why is sales enablement so important?

When an organization is focused on sales enablement, all activities will align with the goals of closing more deals. Each salesperson will be given more (and better) content and resources from the marketing team which they can then use to educate themselves and engage buyers.

Some benefits your organization could see by taking a sales enablement approach include:

  • A more knowledgeable sales team
  • The democratization of your sales team: each member now has access to the same resources so you’re not relying on a handful of superstars to make all of the sales
  • More, and more targeted, content being created for both your sales and marketing programs
  • Better word of mouth and more chances for social sharing from prospects
  • Longer lifetime values from buyers

Sales enablement tips and tricks

If you want to implement a sales enablement program in your own organization, here are some ideas to make it possible:

  • Clearly define the goals and tactics of sales enablement for your organization. If you want to help your sales team to sell more effectively, for instance, will you do this by producing more white papers? Scheduling customer feedback calls? Creating sales brochures or presentations?
  • Conduct a content audit to determine what pieces are most valuable to your buyer.
  • Work with your marketing team to develop a schedule for regularly producing new content that will support sales efforts.
  • Have a plan for onboarding new reps so that they are aware of your sales enablement philosophy and have access to all of the tools and content from the start.
  • Consider selecting a small number of reps to pilot the project first, especially if your sales team is very large.
  • Develop a training and/or coaching program to get all of your reps up and running as smoothly as possible.