It’s no secret. We asked 27 of the brightest, best Sales and Marketing leaders we know and follow for a secret. How do they engage buyers? It’s the one thing we all have to do in Marketing and Sales, in one way or another. If we cannot engage buyers, we get no buyers and our business dies. So how do we do it? How do we do it well? And how can we avoid the road humps everyone runs into when learning this?

Here is what we found out.

Marketing Strategies

Content strategy

One of the key messages that a bunch of these Marketing leaders mentioned is the quality and style of your content.

Buyers are much smarter now more than ever before. Both Michael Gerard, CMO at e-Spirit and Ryan O’Hara, VP Growth & Marketing at LeadIQ mentioned this to us. With video being such a key part of the content side of a Marketer’s arsenal now, it’s so important to showcase your personality and branding, as Ryan points out.

Value Proposition

AJ Alonzo, Director of Marketing at demandDrive mentioned to us about nailing your value proposition. Although this is a topic Sales are most focused on, the attraction and top of funnel stages of your Marketing are just as important as Sales’ focus on this at the bottom of the funnel. If your message is not consistent, Sales have a harder job.

This is why it’s vital to deliver the right message to the right people, at the right time, every time. Carly Warke, VP Marketing at Zymplify talks about how intent data is a bulletproof strategy her team uses to ensure this happens. This allows her Sales team to save 12 hours per week and her Marketing team to convert leads like not many others can.


Kameron Hobbs, Senior Director of Marketing & Operations at AA ISP told us about choosing the right channels to focus on. Knowing which channels your buyers care about, spend time on and consume information on gives you a fighting chance to deliver your messaging where they will consume it.

Many, many people turn to search engines to consume the content they need. Darryl Praill, CMO at Vanillasoft told us about his focus on offline SEO. You should be driving traffic and leads to your website, but your website is a drop in the ocean compared to the number of other sites and places out there to consume content. So, capitalizing on these sites and driving leads and traffic from them is a no-brainer, a must-do.


We turned to 2 leading software marketers to understand how they squeeze the best out of their Marketing by optimizing everything.

Bobby Stemper, Director of Marketing at AdHawk told us about how it’s imperative to Only advertise to people who you want to become a lead. Nobody in your sales cycle or qualified leads buckets should be consuming your ad budget. But on the flip side, consider how you could warm up cold audiences you want to contact via ad channels like Facebook or GDN. Think about how their awareness of you can generate greater click through and engagement to future campaigns.

Jessica Stephens, Inbound Marketing Director at Oktopost had similar ideas on doing everything in the smartest way possible. She told us to be Analysts in the data we can collect from our Marketing. To serve highly relevant content to buyers when they need it. To help them understand what they need to understand about their problem, at the times we know they need to have this information.

Getting Attention

Brooke Ballard, Head of Marketing at Alleyoop told us about her thoughts on going back to how things used to be done. It’s amazing how the old trends always come back around. Because of the huge focus on digital channels now, Direct Mail is vastly underused in Marketing and Sales now. But to go all-in on Direct Mail would be foolish, because trends in our industry can swing so quickly. It’s about being balanced, not used gimmick strategies.

Jeremy Boudinet, Marketing Manager at Nextiva speaks about why taking 0 risks and banking on the same old methods drives 0 attention and guarantees you the same results as anyone else could get. Risks can backfire, but compelling Marketing is Marketing that interests you. Nothing we have seen over and over again will be that compelling.

Presenting Personality

Jack Kosakowski, CEO US Division at Creation Agency told us he is seeing a lot of traction with videos edited with text at the top and bottom of the window. The result is a meme style video that gets attention and click-through. When you have attention from your buyers, it’s an opportunity to tell your stories which make you unique.

Shawn Parotte, Marketing Manager at Chorus.ai mentioned stories too. Telling stories has always been a way to distinguish yourself as an individual with ideas and personality. With all of the digital channels we have available to use now, we can share these stories easier, better and in more places to more people than ever before.

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Sales Strategies

Know the Rules

Trish Bertuzzi, Author of The Sales Development Playbook told us a home truth. If you have no empathy and no credibility, no have no chance. If you know something that can help a buyer build a better life and business, you win.

David Dulany, Host of the Sales Development Conference told us how to do that. If you listen to every podcast, read every magazine or blog that your buyers are learning from, you will speak their language. You know the terminology and trends. If you’re going to resonate with them, they have to understand you. You have to understand them first to do that.

Amy Volas, CEO of Talent Partners uses a similar strategy to ensure all of her touches are valuable to the buyer. Care about what they are trying to achieve, and they can care about your message. Buyers don’t care about Sales people, but they do if the message and proposition truly help them

Help Reps Win

Ed Marsh, CRO of IntentData.io told us that giving Sales the best data gives them the best opportunities to win. If they prospect bad leads, they should get bad results unless they are miracle workers.

Richard Harris, CEO of The Harris Consulting group also shared how to give your reps the best chance to win. If they are not taught how to have insightful conversations, they cannot engage a buyer. They will be left with the scripts and objection handling techniques they practice as the only mechanism to earn success; it will not be enough.

Different Content

Charles Moreton, CRO of Videolicious knows how to use video better than most. His combination of social and video is a winner, because his team use the same recipe. In the age where we’re bored of blogs and all watch videos online, video content to post and share on social media is a must-have weapon to have.

Ian Beaton, Director of Sales & Marketing at Labor Masters knows this too. He posts regular #SalesDiaries on LinkedIn. But he also mentioned how you need to be creating content around the objections you face, so that you are not just another rep facing the same objections as the last one. Using content (in video form too) is a great way to be the winning rep.

Be a Marketer

Brandon Lee, CEO of FunnelAmplified believes in the power of Sales reps who can market themselves. The best Sales reps of the future will use content in a way that only Marketers can right now. Everyone wants to talk to the people with all the best content, so why shouldn’t that be you?

James Bawden, BDR Manager at Cognetik has a similar mantra. He has started a podcast with fellow Sales reps to educate and help his peers, because he knows that making a name for yourself is how you stay ahead of the game. The best reps understand this and take action on it.

Choose a type of Content

Donald C Kelly, CEO of The Sales Evangelist runs his own podcast because he knows this is the content format he wants to double down on. If you get your buyer listening to your podcasts, just imagine how well they would feel they know you. Even if they have not personally been in contact with you.

Scott Ingram, Founder of Sales Success Media feels exactly the same. Not many people in your industry will have a podcast that can provide as much value as you can. It is a great channel to leverage to become better known, provide more value and build true relationships with industry leaders.

After the Deal Closes

Julia Shapiro, Director of Sales at Oktopost believes in keeping a relationship with a customer past the point of closing the deal. If you have invested the time to close the deal, you have invested the same amount of time in helping the prospect. You should be staying in touch, remaining a valuable resource for them. You never know when they will move company and call on you to help them again. And again.

Jordan Barta, Customer Sales Director knows this better than anyone. He reminded us that Salespeople are 2 things in far too many cases. They are Sales, then they are people. Being a winning Sales person involved using your human side, not just getting a deal and running in the other direction.


James Buckley, Business Development Manager at RingLead preaches the power of being a part of your prospect’s everyday life. If they see you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, their Inbox, voicemail box and everywhere you know they pay attention you have an amazing chance to win. You will not be forgotten.

Jake Dunlap, CEO at Skaled Consulting also told us about playing where the buyer plays. Doubling down in the places where they spend their time and are active is the most important and fastest way to improve your results. If you buyers never ever respond in one channel, go hard in the direction they go in.

There’s a lot more to learn

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