The countdown to the American Idol Finale is well underway and only 7 contestants remain – how time flies! And since the pulse of Twitter’s audience, with its universe of 288 million users worldwide, is tapped into for most anything from predicting who could replace Jon Stewart to Super Bowl hashtag campaign domination, we’ve decided to determine which contestant is receiving the most social love every week until the winner is crowned.

Not all that familiar with Nick, Rayvon, Jax, Tyanna, Clark, Joey or Quentin then check them out in The Top 7 in 60 Seconds.

Using 23,594 tweets from an audience of 11,686 who included @americanidol, #IdolPredictions or the contestants name, this week’s Idol with the most social love is……

Take a look at how the other contestants ranked with mentions, males, females, teenagers and adults:



Who will receive the most social love from the remaining 6? Tune in here next week to find out!